Totally Impatient

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Totally Impatient

Anyone else finding themselves to be completely impatient in waiting to find out the sex of their baby??? ME! I know we have quite a few Team Green members on here but I have a hard enough time just waiting for the big U/S! And we still have a ways to go for that too! Now I'm not one to want to speed my pregnancy along....I love being pregnant. I just want to know what I am having!!

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Me too! Now that we've had one ultrasound and everything looked good, I'm feeling much more hopeful about the pregnancy - which makes me start thinking about all the things I have to look forward to. I can't WAIT to find out what we're having!

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I am the same way Elizabeth. I am so ready for my next ultrasound. It seems so far away (Sept.29th). I love being able to see my baby & I'm excited to find out what I'm having as well. When we find out the gender, we usually start referring to it by the name we have picked out & I like doing that instead of just calling baby an "it" lol.

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Elizabeth is my middle first name is Erin! lol No big deal, just thought I would throw that out there.

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I am very excited for our big U/S as well but for different reasons. It should be the only one we have, so it is our only chance to see the baby. We are on team green, so gender is no issue just health of the baby. And Erin- I could easily rush the pregnancy, I do not love begin pregnant but love the baby that comes with it and so every minute is worth it.

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im very impatient. When i found out i was preg with Caleb i was 20 weeks so i was able to see what he was (spoiled lol) So waiting forever is going to suck!! Only what 13 weeks haha

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YES, YES, YES!! I didn't want to find out with dd, but this time around I find myself totally wanting to know, and wanting to know NOW! I still have quite a ways to go!

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I'm totally wanting to know as well but gonna hold out for the long haul and find out on my delivery day. Ahhh, 33 weeks is a long time to wait!

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I'm also impatient, but thinking it's most likely a boy, since DHs male family members haven't produced a girl in about 60 years. We will definitely find out when we can, but the timing of the ultrasound will likely be delayed, since DH is stuck in a different state for a few months.

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I would love to wait it out until Delivery day but DH really wants to know Sad so we will find out at U/S. I am in no hurry to find out though. We already have one of each so no matter what I will be very happy.

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I was only "team green" because I promised DH that we wouldn't find out with this one since we have one of each already. WELL, the other day DH said that he doesn't know if he wants to wait or not. SOOO, I may be off team green already! ROFL

DH's reasoning was because once you know the sex you can start talking to the baby and calling him/her by name and it feels like you can become closer with the baby. I agree with him on that so yes, I can't wait until 20 weeks so we can find out!

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I'm a team green member, and I am in no hurry. I think knowing this is my last pregnancy has me not wanting to rush it. Since it's our last one it doesn't matter to us what it is, just that it's healthy.