Tough News...

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Tough News...

Hello Ladies -

I haven't been able to post much on this board because life is just too crazy busy lately. But I am also expecting an April Sprout (EDD 04/18/2012). A week and a half ago, we got our first glimpse at our baby boy #2! (our oldest boy is just over 3 years old)

Unfortunately, we need lots of prayers because at our ultrasound, we found out that he has spina bifida. His lesion is very low (which is good) between the L5 and S1 region of the spine. The doctor saw good motion in his legs all the way down to his little toes! And there was no signs of hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) at this point.

Just FYI, I was taking prenatal vitamins for over three months before I became pregnant so it is unlikely that lack of folic acid contributed to the neural tube defect. Sometimes it is just pure bad genetics and luck.

Spina Bifida babies unsually have their lesions closed immediately after birth. We were also recommended for evaluation at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN to see whether fetal surgery is an option. With fetal surgery, they would close the spine in utero, at approximately 22 weeks. It looks right now like we will go down to Nashville for a full day evaluation on November 28th. If we are candidates and decide to go forward with surgery now, I would be scheduled for the fetal surgery approximately one week later. (December 6th)

Here is the website. --

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Pray that we are able to chose the best option for our baby and for the best outcomes given our diagnosis. We have been pretty overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives .

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Lots of T&Ps!!!

I hope everything turns out good and that your little boy will be fine.


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Defitely hard to hear, but at least there was some positive news too. Good luck with your appointments and decisions, and hope everything turns out well for you little boy!


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I am sorry to hear that he has Spinal Bifida, I would like to say I have heard great things about the in utero surgery. Good Luck with the evaluations and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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good luck with the upcoming appointments and keep us posted!


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You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Do feel free to vent, confide, and discuss it at any time with us....this is a great group of ladies and a great support system. I worked briefly during an internship with children with Spina Bifida and they are such great children to work with! There are SO many resources out there and Vanderbilt is a great hospital! I wish you the best with your little man and that you only hear good news in the future!!

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:comfort: :grouphug: KUP!

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That is some hard news, tho we are here is you need to vent or just need words of encouragement Please KUP!

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sorry to hear. Sounds like promising news about the location and the movement.

GL with your upcoming appts.
Thoughts are with you

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I'm sorry to hear your baby boy has spina bifida. I will definitely be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

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Sorry to hear this tough news, but it is encouraging to see the movement as well... Thinking of you And your family.

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Thanks to all for your encouragement. We are taking this one step at a time and focusing on the positives.

I will keep you all updated and should know alot more after Nov. 28th.

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Praying for you, your baby boy and your entire family! :bighug:

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I am so sorry for the news. I'm glad there is some treatment that can help things now for the future. Let us know how everything goes. I have a close friend that has a almost 4 year old son with spinal bifida and he is such an amazing little boy and such a blessing to his family. Sending you lots of thoughts and prayers.

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I did my pediatric rotation for nursing school at Vandy and have many friends who work there. You will be in excellent hands! I'll say a prayer for your baby boy. I hope all goes well.