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Hi, I didn't know where I should post my question, so I decided I should post it in the month I am due. I am due April 1st (although my husband and I are going to tell family March 31st only because my sister and her soon to be ex husband were married that day, ha!)

Anyway, this post may be a little long, but it's only because of all my concerns!

My husband and I first conceived in March and at 6 weeks I miscarried. He was actually deployed at the time and it killed us not to be able to be together during that time. When I first began spotting I went to the ER where the dr said I should be fine and said he wouldn't do an u/s since it was too early to detect a heartbeat (he didn't do an exam either, they just did bloodwork to check my levels). Then 4 days later I m/c.

After my husband came back from his short deployment (only 10 weeks long, for training and are suppose to go back on other short deployments) we immediately started trying again. Since the m/c I had been tracking my period like crazy and my LMP was June 26th - July 1st. On July 20th I got 3 positive pregnancy tests! The next day I went to the dr and got it confirmed. Since my m/c my period had been irregular (for me). My cycle use to be every 26 days but after the m/c it was every 31 days.

I filled out paperwork and set up my first u/s for dating purposes on Aug 29th. However, at 5 weeks and 2 or 3 days I began spotting. I got scared thinking another m/c and went to the ER. I got 12 viles of blood taken (AH!) and they did an exam saying there wasn't active bleeding and sent me home. They said I should come back if bleeding increases or I have horrible cramps. The next day I began having horrible cramps. I called my husband to leave work to take me (we only have one car and have 2 kids in car seats...well one is in a booster) and he took me because off and on it hurt just to walk.

At the ER I began having bad shoulder pains and got scared of a tube pregnancy. I told the dr and she said I might have just slept funny and to take Tylenol (I think that's the medicine) and it'll help (it did!). The doctor then asked if I had had my first ultrasound yet and I told her no. She told me she thinks I'm further along then I think I am because my levels were through the roof! I told her no I knew exactly when my last period was, and even so my husband had only gotten home a week before. She then paused and said then there's a good chance it's twins!

They did an u/s (I was 5 weeks 3-4 days) and found one baby with a healthy heartbeat and said there's still a chance of finding a twin (she didn't look around much because they just wanted to make sure I wasn't miscarrying again). They also confirmed I was only about 5 1/2 weeks and said "I'm not out of the woods yet, there's still a chance of twins".

Since 4 1/2 weeks I have had a lot of nausea and been so tired it's hard to stay awake during the day! The further along I am the harder it is to stay away. If I don't take a nap when my kids do, I get a headache. I'm starving all the time, but if I eat I want to throw up. I am 7 weeks today and already hardly fit in my jeans, so I wear my maternity clothes! The thought of certain food makes me want to throw up. I have been having mild cramping off and on, but it's most likely my uterus stretching to accommodate baby. And lastly, since the beginning of June (when I last weighed myself) I gained 5-6 lbs in about 6 weeks. I am so nervous of having twins!!!

I also have been having dreams of twins for the past couple of weeks and just a feeling there's more than one. Also, before my miscarriage, the entire time I knew I was going to lose the baby. It was just a feeling I had.

I don't know if there are twins in my family, but when my sister had her 2nd child, she was originally pregnant with twins and lost one early on.

I know every pregnancy is different, but I never had any of this with my first two. I had slight morning sickness and with the 2nd one ligament pains (at least that's what the dr told me). I also have two girls, so the dr said maybe it's a boy. Any thoughts? And what are the chances the dr missed a twin on the first u/s since it is early on? I didn't get a look at the screen because I was on my back and the monitor was down by my right foot. Plus all I really wanted to make sure at that time was that my baby was okay.


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It is still possible for it to be twins, especially if the doctor says so. But it is also possible it is just one baby. Especially on a third pregnancy you could easily be into maternity clothes earlier. As for the tiredness and hunger, that could just be your body reacting differently. I know I had toldly different pregnancies with my DS&DD and this one is different again.

So try not to stress about things you can't control. It is not good for you or the baby.

Wishing you a HH9M!!!

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Like PP said all pregnancies are different... I am experiencing all types of symptoms this time that I didn't with the last 2. Good Luck and when they start checking for heartbeats they will notice an extra one if it is there Smile

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I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but you never know! Welcome to the board and can't wait to find out if indeed you are going to have twins!

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Congrats and welcome to April!

I'm sorry about the spotting episode. I'm glad the babe is okay and you got to see a heartbeat! I agree with the PPs, if your doctor thinks there's a possibility of twins then I wouldn't rule it out! Try not to stress too much.....when is your next u/s? I can't wait to see if you have 2 in there.....GL and KUP! Biggrin

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What I find funny is that I haven't been stressed this pregnancy, whereas during the one in April (where I m/c) I stressed the whole time. I've just been trying to eat what I can since it's hard with the nausea (gah!)

My next u/s is in two weeks and my husband will be back from training (he's gone for this whole month) and he is excited to get to be there!

I'm just a little nervous if it does come out to twins only because I'll have 3 under the age of 3 (my next little one will be 2 in Nov) and then the possibility of my husband deploying. Although we'll have to cross that bridge when it comes!

I'll let you know how it goes in two weeks!