U/S, change in due date, gender u/s date...OH MY!! (xp)

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U/S, change in due date, gender u/s date...OH MY!! (xp)

So, I was supposed to have a 10 week appt. and u/s on Thursday but my OB had 2 inductions to come up that day so the office called to reschedule my appt. I just happened to be in the area and MIL had my boys, so I asked if he could see me this afternoon and they were able to work me in. Got to see baby moving around in there and hear the nice strong heartbeat of 168 bpm. He changed my due date by 2 days, pushing it back to May 6th(pushing my c/s date back to around 4/27)...I REALLY don't think that is right since I pretty well know when I O'd and the first u/s matched my dates perfectly, but whatever. :/ I'm not changing it over a 2 day difference, as far as I am concerned, its still May 4th. My next appt. is in 5 weeks (Nov. 8th) and he said he would do another u/s and more than likely be able to tell us the gender! Yahoo So, for that, he gets a pass for pushing my due date back! ROFL

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Sounds like a good appt! Yay for getting an early gender u/s!

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After 6 weeks, the doc should know that dating a pregnancy based on fetal size is really not accurate. At my last appointment, they had me up to a week earlier than my 7 week dating ultrasound. LOL Regardless, sounds like a good appointment! Smile