U/S today!!

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U/S today!!

So we had the ultrasound. Everything was good but the baby was moving around a lot so I will likely get another one. Becausebshe could not get all the measurements. Which is fine by me, another chance to see our LO otherwise I would only get this one. She did not even offer me the chance to find out the sex, which was not a problem because we are on team surprise. Next week I go to my family doctor for results and maybe rescheduling of the next US, and then on to my OB.

Tomorrow I am 20 weeks!! Halfway there!!

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Glad your appointment went good! How exciting that you get to see your LO again. And happy 20 weeks (in advance) Smile

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Glad everything went great and that LO was showing off for you. Hope you do get to see LO again soon because I know I love seeing my LO!

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Awesome appt! Glad you got to see your sweet baby Smile

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yay happy healthy baby!! Smile

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I think it means only good things when they are so very active!! Congrats on a healthy baby!!

BTW: I admire that you are able to wait until birth to find out if you are having a boy or girl. I just don't have enough self-discipline to wait when I have the option of knowing!

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Glad you had a good u/s and hooray for another one. We had to have 3 with my first to get all the measurements!

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I'm glad LO was active an healthy. Hope you get an additional sneak peak later on!