u/s today :-)

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u/s today :-)

Here is a video, showing my gender reveal to my girls. HAHA one was NOT amused in the slightest! she has quickly gotten over it, but she's been saying she wants another girl for a while now. I, on the other hand, got exactly what I was hoping for! DHs family genes have once again proven correct - still not a girl since the 60s.


.... oh and the baby looked happy, healthy, and quite the little fatty (measuring 1-2 weeks fatter lol)

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Yay team blue! Glad you got the gender you wanted!

I love the girls' reactions.

Gah I can't wait for my u/s next week!!!

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Congrats on team BLUE!!! YAY!! That video is so cute!! I love the adorable pouty face one of your girls is making.

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Congrats on getting your boy!
Awww, she was one unhappy camper. LOL, so funny though.

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Congrats on your boy. Love the vid!

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"I was rightttt, it's a boyyyy" So, so cute. And the face your little one made, too cute!!!

Yeah blue team!!!! Congrats on having your first boy!!!!!!

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Thats Cute Smile

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Congrats on getting your baby boy! I bet my face probably looked about like that too then my doc told me mine was another boy! ROFL

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Hahaha! Great idea to videotape it! Congrats on your boy!

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Yea Congrats welcome to team blue! I love your little ones reaction. She reminded me of my daughter when she found out I just wish we would have gotten it on tape.