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update and ?

So had a scare to my morning, went to the washroom at work this morning and there was bright red blood on the tissue. Nothing on the undies but enough for a few wipes......thoughts??

Luckily I had my u/s today so I didn't go to the ER. I'm going to call my midwife tomorrow though.

u/s was pretty good, didn't see as much as I'd like. Baby started out being a "pain" and was facing the wrong way but luckily turned and we got to see face. Got a cute pic but ds took it and put on his wall Biggrin Need to borrow it and scan soon. ds is also super excited and my initial prediction was right (even though I had waivered recently).

Baby is a BOY!!!

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Congrats on a baby boy!

Scary though about the blood. Have you "disturbed" down there roughly lately? That could've been why.

Hope you get some answers and can calm your nerves when you talk to your midwife.

Also that's cute about your DS!

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Great to hear that your little boy is doing well!!

Hopefully it was a one time scare, and your midwife will be able to reassure you that everything is ok.


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Congrats on another BOY!!!

I hope it was a one time scare as well. Did you get a belly or vaginal u/s sometimes that can cause it!

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Congrats on the BOY!!! Sorry you had some bleeding, that is always so scary!

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Congrats on baby boy! Glad everything look good.
Sorry about the bleeding scare. Hope it doesn't return and all is well.

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Hopefully it's a one-time occurrence!! I would also guess any intimate activities might cause that, especially in a small amount... which isn't any consolation either.. but hopefully it's done now!

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no internal activities recently that would've caused it and u/s was after the bleeding (and was belly). Talked with midwife yesterday and she's not worried since 1) it was a one time occurance 2) I'd just had the u/s and they would've sent info of concern right away had they had any.

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Glad you were able to see your little boy and the reassurance from the midwife must let you breathe easier!


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Congrats on your baby boy! Sorry about the bleeding scare, but I'm glad you were able to get an ultrasound so that you could see your precious LO.