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Hello Ladies,

I will not be able to join the birth buddies group since I have been placed on hospital bed rest due to contracting and dialating. I had been feeling bad last week and just figured it was part of being pregnant with twins. However on Saturday I could not get comfortable no matter how I laid. I went for a checkup Tuesday and he did a cervical check and I had dilated to 2cm. He immediately sent me to the hospital. I will here until I deliver and I will keep you all posted.

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How scary. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with that. Hopefully being in the hospital will provide you with the means to be able to back those babies for a while longer yet. Definitely KUP!

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Oh no. I hope you can keep those babies baking for a while longer! Keep us posted!!

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I'm so sorry! That's sucky. I really hope you get to keep those babies baking longer, but it's also good you'll be in the hospital (right?) until those little ones arrive!

KUP on how you're doing! Oh and keep telling those babies to stay in you!

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I'll be keeping you and your little ones in my thoughts & prayers.