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Update On Me

Sorry I've been MIA since my last post, I've kind of been through a lot.

If you remember from my gender ultrasound from the week before last, they found a large mass on my ovary. Well, I'm on the other side of surgery and doing OK. I got home yesterday and hurt like heck. They ended up doing abdominal surgery and taking out a mass the size of a mango along with my right ovary. They went in through my C-section scar and it seems like it's a lot worse recovering this time. Had a few scares in the hospital with very low blood pressure and had trouble finding my little man's heart beat. But we're both doing ok and I think I will just be considered high risk to the end. Have to worry about pre-term labor, but we think that will won't be a problem.

Good news to come from this 1) I'm cancer free and 2) I get a lot more ultrasounds to see my little boy before he gets here.

Any how, thought I'd come and let you guys know I'm doing OK. Just had a really hard week. I'm out of work for the next 6 weeks, so I'm sure I'll have a lot more time to be around here.

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Glad too hear everything Turned out well. I hope you recovery quickly.

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I'm so glad everything turned out ok, but sorry you are in so much pain. Try to take it easy.

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Oh wow. Glad you had a good outcome! Do you have a good support system to help out at home while you recover?

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I'm glad everything is looking good so far. I still think it's super scary that they went in and did surgery while you are pg, but super glad to hear that everything turned out well. Get lots of rest and of course spend lots of time here letting us know how you are doing!

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I'm so sorry they had to take that big of a mass out, including your right ovary. However, I am glad you're now rid of it and cancer free! I bet that's got to be scary, and you sound like you're in good spirits! Also very glad your little boy is good too.

I really hope you have a speedy recovery and aren't in too much pain anymore and that the pain goes away completely soon!

KUP on how you're recovering!

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So sorry to hear about your bad week....but focusing on the positives: cancer free AND you get to see little guy often...double plus. Hope you have a nice relaxing recovery. I will be thinking of you and KUP often!

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It sounds like you've already been through an adventure with this little one, and it's a good thing he helped doctors find the growth. Sad sorry though, recovery has got to be rough!

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Wow you have truly been through a lot! Glad to hear they were able to go in and get that out! Glad to know your baby is doing well too. Hope you recover quickly Smile Lots of hugs!

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I've been wondering how everything went and how you were doing. Thanks for the update.
Yay to being cancer free and I'm so glad that the surgery went well. I hope you recover quickly. Get lots of extra rest. Sounds like its been a rough last week.

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I'm glad to hear that you and little man are ok. I hope the pain starts to get better for you soon. It sounds like you are being very optimistic.

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How scary, but so glad you are on the positive side of things. Speedy recovery to you and enjoy your time off. YAY for more U/S

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Glad to hear the surgery had a good outcome, but I'm sorry about your week not going so well. Hope you has a speedy recovery.