Update on Raegan and Raine

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Update on Raegan and Raine

Hello Ladies,

It has been awhile ! Whoever said having twins was easy I wish I could agree. The girls are doing great they were released from the hospital on April 9, 2012. We have been trying to adjut to a their sleeping and feeding schedule. Here are some pictures. I am working on birth story now.

Raine and Raegan

Raine and Raegan 2

Raegan and Raine

Raine and Raegan 1


Raine 1


Raegan 1

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They ate beautiful!

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Gorgeous! I can only imagine how much of a challenge twins must be!

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Thank you ladies !

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They are absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine two, but it looks like they are doing great!

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They are adorable, and the pics are gorgeous! I can't imagine how challenging it must be to handle two at once, on top of taking care of the older ones.

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Ooh, I just noticed their bracelets have their names on them! Nice!

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They are so beautiful! I love their pictures. Congrats again!

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adorable Smile
I can't imagine two being easy....I can't even imagine two close together being easy, at least ds1 is turning 5 this year

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Thanks ladies, it is not easy I have many sleepless nights. However I am managaing and enjoying my time with them.

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They are just too cute!

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They are two very sweet little girls!! I could only imagine how busy (and how little sleep) everything must be for you. Glad to see they look so happy & healthy! Smile