Using her hands!!

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Using her hands!!

Heidi is starting to figure out her hands! For a couple weeks she has been sucking on her hand... she sucks on the side of her hand and not her thumb! But just the last couple of days I've noticed that she will pull a blanket up to her mouth to suck on it! Today I put a toy in her mouth and she used he hands to hold it there!!

She is completely anti soother (she actually threw up when I gave it to her once!) so it is fun to see her sucking on something other than me!! I don't think she will ever use it as a way to soothe her but she is starting to really be able to explore the world..

Anyone else starting this slobbery stage? Or is this old news for everyone?


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Not yet. Just a couple moments where she grabbed onto a toy, then looked surprised as if to ask, "Did I do that?"

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Yes Des has been doing that. He uses his puppy blanket to help hold his pacifier in lol. Earlier he kept putting his hand up to his pacifier to help hold it in because he couldn't get a good grip on it!

It's really fun to see how much he's learning. And here I was just remembering the first night he was home and DH and I staring at him at 11 PM when he had woken up. I cannot believe he's already going to be 3 months next week!!!

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We've had A LOT more slobber and hands at the mouth in the last few weeks. It's a good thing a few friends handed down a billion bibs because we need to change them several times a day. Elijah uses the back of his hand to hold his pacifier in sometimes, and has licked the side of his hand quite a bit. I had him in a bumbo-type chair last week, with a few toys on the chair tray, and he batted at them. I think that was more accidental though. He hasn't purposely grabbed for something & had it go exactly where he wanted. It's OK though... I'm savoring each stage he goes through even more, since he is my last baby.

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I was just thinking about how I love this stage where he is becoming so aware and starting to interact with the world around him. He's started punching at the toys in his bouncy and he sucks on the side of his hand too or a blanket if he's got one. He won't take a paci at all though. I've tried to give him one several times but he absolutely refuses and has since the very beginning. It's a bit weird because there's no way we could get by without a pacifier with DD. It was vital with her. But Kole is the total opposite of DD and such an easy, happy baby.