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The nausea is awful!! I haven't actually thrown up yet but I've gotten very close. It's all day long. Luckily my other LOs have been really good, so I can lay down and just try to ride it out. I'm doing vitamin B6, but I might have to see about something else. This SUCKS. I really hope it magically disappears at the 2nd tri like it did with my other two. I'm thinking girl? With DD I was soooo sick, but I really didn't get sick but maybe once with DS.

I just had to complain for a moment.

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I'm right there with you. Luckily with me, I'll throw up in the morning and then be good the rest of the day. Let's hope it goes away for both of us soon!!! Come on 2nd tri!

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Amen Sister!!! I feel like a truck ran me over! I threw up so much last night that my stomach STILL hurts today. NOTHING tastes good...even water makes me want to gag. I tried to eat toast for lunch and it didn't taste right to me. I NEVER had this stuff with the other two kids!

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I threw up constantly with my girls and it was usually just part of the day. With this one, it's just constant nausea. The girls were from my first marriage. With this one, my new husband's family hasn't had a girl since the 50's. Hoping for a boy, but trying to keep my mind open so I am not disappointed in the off-chance that it's a girl...

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I haven't thrown up yet, but I hate just being nauseous. Although since I hit about 8 1/2 weeks the nausea has calmed down a lot.

My kids have also been good...for the most part. Ha ha there's still the fighting of toys that I get to break up so one doesn't pull the other's hair out ha ha.

I can't wait to add a 3rd one to the mix.

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ARIEL!!!! Ahhhh!!! I didn't know you were expecting! Yay!!! Now I have more people to stalk on April! Congratulations hon!

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No fun. I hope it passes soon.
I was so sick with my first 2 and living the life so far with this one. Knock on wood!

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I am right there with you, sister!! I haven't posted on here in days because I've just felt too sick to sit at my computer very long. Ugh. Haaate it. :puke2:

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Me too! I am just so nauseous throughout the day - haven't thrown up, but sometimes I think that would be a relief! I have been eating a lot of snacks because that seems to be the only thing that makes it better.

That being said, my first pregnancy (blighted ovum) I had NO morning sickness and my second (m/c at 10 weeks) I had just a little. So I'm glad to be feeling so terrible - I hope it's a good sign!

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Amy, I agree about the snacking. It seems like the second I get even the smallest hunger pang I am sick!!

I've been taking my B Complex Vitamin for like 2 days now and it has been much better! I have to take it at night before bed though. I hope you ladies find some relief too!!