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Very Random...

Did anyone else notice you can now "like" a post? Lol! I saw this today on another board and there have been so many times I wanted to "like" posts and now I can!

Okay, goodnight. I have a long crappy day (I had like 7 loads of laundry, power went out, kids going crazy, husband in the field, and running on very little sleep!!!) and I have a huge headache so I need to go to sleep now!

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I hadn't noticed that but I agree that there are some posts that you just want to LIKE... I also noticed that there are a lot of Clorox pop-ups... pretty annoying!! Anyone else getting these?


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I just noticed as well. Love it!

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only today (haven't been on in a little while) but I did notice my link no longer worked and the url to this specific board changed.