This waiting is driving me batty!!

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This waiting is driving me batty!!

I'm only 5dpo and I already wanna poas!! aaaahhhhhh, gotta wait till at least saturday or sunday. These days need to go by faster!!!

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haha... I am so right with you!!! The wait is killing me!

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Hang in there...try to occupy yourself on other projects so that the days will go by faster! I know, easier said than done, but seriously, it will help if you try and keep yourself busy!

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I'm right there with you and I think Sat might be a good testing day as it's my birthday! We can drive ourselves batty together!

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Thanks ladies, I'm trying to keep my mind off of it. Elizabeth, I see we are on the same dpo! super cool if we both got bfps this cycle and Kelly I hope you get a very nice dark BFP for your birthday!!!

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Just wanted to wish you good luck!!

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I understand I'm right there with you ladies. I'm not feeling that I'm pg but who knows.

Kelly, I was thinking saturday test too. I just don't think I'll waste a test this month tho. Good Luck hope your birthday brings you a BFP.

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Good luck!! That 2ww is so hard!

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I hope the next couple of days go by really fast for you!!! Hope you get your BFP!!

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