water break?

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water break?

I think I'm going to have to page the midwife later this morning but figured if anyone was on I'd get advice (feel guilty cuz I'm only supposed to page if I'm in labour but who knows....there's another # for answers within 24hrs but I honestly don't know if thats a good idea to wait for answer)

so I went to the bathroom and peed, went back to bed and laid down and a bunch trickled out (soaked undies), stood up felt fine (maybe trickle but thats it) back to bathroom and TMI - "peed" again although not honestly sure it was from the pee hole haha sorry. TP didn't smell like pee and was clear however if for some reason I had peed again I don't imagine it would've been yellowish by that point.

...before I finished the post I had to pee again, this def felt like pee rather than a little back. I hope I start to feel cxn so I feel less guilty in paging

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I think you did the right thing being 7 cms. I would have done the same thing.

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It sounds like your water may have broken/leaked. With DD2 I would feel my panties get real wet and had to keep changing them before I decided to call. I think I went through like 5 in an hour or so lol. With her my water was leaking (and with DD1 my water broke on the top and trickled out just once, but it made my panties wet).

I would call mainly because you're 7 cm and get checked out. Hope this means baby will be arriving soon for you!


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I'd probably see where it goes and get it checked out if it keeps coming unless you've got a long drive to the hospital. Better to be relaxed at home to get cntx going. Baby could be on your bladder making it hard to empty in one shot. I hope today is baby day for you though!!!

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I think you should call...hope this is it!!!

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Very exciting stuff. I think it sounds like your water might have broken. Are you having any more contractions? The only reason I would page is because you are already 7cm, unless you are comfortable with the idea of an unassisted home birth. . . Smile

I'll be stalking for news!

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I hope you haven't updated because your busy with your new little one.