We have movement!

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We have movement!

I SWEAR I felt my baby flutter around in my belly this morning! It was such a strange feeling. Felt like he was doing a dance in my tummy Smile I don't remember the first time I felt DD, but 13 weeks does seem a little early. Anyone else think they've felt anything?

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I thought I felt something the other night but I think 13 weeks makes more sense than 11 Wink I must have just had gas (like usual now a days)

Honestly I think 13-14 weeks for first flutters is common. Such a cool feeling.

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A day shy of being 12 weeks I SWORE I felt like little flips were being done a little below my bellybutton. 2 or 3 nights ago I swore I felt it again. Even if it's not movement, it's still nice to feel like it is.

I'm still convinced I felt my LO move, and you possibly did too! It was just a feeling that wasn't like my regular gas or twitches ha ha.

But yay isn't that an awesome feeling?!

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Love that feeling! I totally think it is possible.

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I totally think I am feeling movement randomly. Only when I'm sitting / laying very still and not very often.

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I am pretty sure I have felt the random little flutter here & there for over a week now. It's been so faint that it's possibly questionable, but the third time around, I even felt the implantation.

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I was going to post something similar (although since I'm just approaching 10w it's doubtful baby).
It's always in the same spot....few inches below belly button. Can't really describe it actually almost tickles....thoughts? something with my uterus expanding? odd that's its same location.
I did feel "early" with ds, I think around 14w or so

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I think I began feeling it around 14 weeks with DD and DS, so 13 weeks is possible!! Wahoooo... I think that is what I love the absolute most about being pregnant. I used to lay in bed real still at night just to wait for the baby to move. It's magic Biggrin

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Yay! I think I felt something the other day when I wore maternity pants with a tight elastic band...I think the band must have been bugging the bean.

Nothing since though Smile

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I was 17 weeks and 2 days the first time I felt DD move. But I would swear that I felt this baby move about 5 days ago. It just was not gas at all, but my OB seemed to think it was still too early. . . :dontknow: I think we know!