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Weekend Chat

What's everyone doing this weekend?

DH and I just rearranged some furniture and moved it out of DD's room so that we could cram ALL of her toys in there. I wanted all the toys out of the living room, den, hallway :roll: It's been a pretty involved project.

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Today DH is going paintballing with one of his good friends and my good friend is coming to hang out for a few hours. Then we're going to another friend's Scentsy party for the afternoon. This evening we're doing nothing ha ha.

Tomorrow DH has duty so he won't be back until Monday. I will be taking both DDs to the mall an hour away to get DD2's bday pictures (wow she's 2 already?!)

And I finished my Halloween shirt last night. (Took 2 1/2 hours!) I made one of those skeleton shirts with a baby. I was just going to do an iron on, but since I didn't have dark color transfer paper the design was very dull. So last night I ended up painting the design on. And it looks awesome. That's how I'm going to FB announce my pregnancy lol. I'll take pics of the girls in their costumes and say our newest addition is dressed too or something!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Kids are with their grandparents for the weekend so DH took me out to breakfast this morning ad then we went to get supplies to fix a whole in our ceiling where we had a leak. Now we're back home and DH is working on the ceiling and I am making a grocery list and about to go grocery shopping. Then I'll probably come home and fix something for dinner and we'll veg and watch football. Tomorrow is church and being lazy, then we'll go get the kids and go DH's grandmother's for the evening.

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Ds had a soccer game this morning and then dh is going to the asu homecoming game. I will try to think of something creative with the kids since it is just me.

I work tomorrow so that is it for me!

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This morning DS had basketball which DH coaches. Then we picked up our pumpkin. When we got home DH went back to work for a few hours while I cleaned the house the IL's coming over for supper to celebrate Dh and my birthdays. Then I went off to a funeral visitation for my great aunt and DH took the kids shopping. IL's are here for supper and maybe sleeping over. Tomorrow is church and then who knows.

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My DH has been gone for the last 3 weeks and has 3 more to go. He's doing a military school in Virginia. I have to work on Saturdays, so I have a sitter for the little ones. Tomorrow I think I will take them shopping and to lunch at the mall.

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Not much, supposed to be doing house reno but that got postponed. Picked up halloween candy, suppose I should clean. Want to go for a run but too darn lazy

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We just got back from watching our niece play flag football. She was the quarterback today. It's cute watching the kids play. She's 11. The IL's came over, which the do every Saturday. Now I'm sitting here listening to DD babble on the baby monitor, hoping she is falling asleep in there. SHe's not much fun when she skips her naps.

Ariel, that sucks that your DH has been gone so long. Mine goes away for over a week at a time, and I'm not a big fan.

I need to take this candy we bought to the church for their 'Trunk or Treat' thing. They decorate car trunks and the kids go trick or treating from trunk to trunk. It seems kids don't go door to door much anymore. Sad

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Addison (my 2nd) is really sick. I took her in after 5 days of what I thought was croup, because it was getting worse, and scary at night. While there, they took xrays because the doctor suspected pneumonia. Turns out it's bronchiolitis, because of repeated viral infections. Sad So, we are grounded from the public in general, especially other kids. That means I have to figure out how I might be able to go to school, because my friend that is also my "daycare" has 4 children who've all had the same viral junk, and none of them are getting over it either. I have a HUGE important test and HUGE important presentation due this week. So.. this weekend, the girls' grandma is here to help me get my house spotless, I'm doing TONS of homework, finishing up Halloween costumes, laying low with my sick kiddos, and praying I get everything done!