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Weekend chat!

Wow, where is everyone? Nobody posted here most of yesterday!

What's everyone doing this weekend that's got you so busy? I need to get off my fat rear end and sweep and mop my floor. DH's family is coming over today for lunch. I feel pretty blah about it, but I guess we are due for a round of them, although we are spending Christmas with them next week. . . :dontknow:

Anyway, what's everyone else got going on? How are you feeling?
I was 24 weeks yesterday and I swear this little guy has got a foot on each lung! I feel like I can't breath half the time.

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The boards seem to be a little dead lately! Yesterday i went to lunch at Olive Garden with my MIL!! It was nice, tho my two year old refused to eat and would have rathered colored on the walls. Also got some last minute shopping done for Christmas! I turned 21 weeks yesterday! I am still a little stressed about finding a new OB. I want one that will be able to do my Csection as well and not have to have another dr do it!

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We're leaving for TX today in an hour. We packed last night and yesterday and got the house in order so it's not messy when we come back...

Oh and DD1 woke up last night throwing up. AAAHHHH!!! She's thrown up twice in 4 hours. I'm really hoping the pepdobismol (sp?) really helps her tummy. We're bringing a barf bucket for her. She just doesn't feel good but we need to leave today in order to get to TX on time and do the stuff we have scheduled. And I'm hoping no one else gets sick because I don't want to have a 2 year old throwing up too!!!

And yes I noticed it was quite dead yesterday too ha ha.

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I was surprised to come back this morning and not see much for posts! Last night, I went to a Christmas party where a bunch of women each brought a tray of goodies, and we did a tea cup exchange. I spent the majority of my day making homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, smoked salmon tea sandwiches, and cucumber tea sandwiches. This weekend: house cleaning, working on a Christmas gift for my stepson, and who knows what else.. Smile

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Well I can say that I haven't posted on here in like a week because I haven't been able to log in since they updated the site! Argh! Very annoying. Oh well.... everything seems to be in working order now. Smile
Anyway, not too busy this weekend. I finished all my shopping/wrapping/shipping, so I'm all ready for Christmas. Yay! I also had a brief moment of overachieverness and wrapped all my daughter's birthday presents at the same time, though her birthday isn't for another month. Smile Had a playdate at the park with some friends today, other than that it was just house cleaning and Costco. Tomorrow is church and grocery store. My husband comes home tomorrow night, so I'm definitely looking forward to that! We're also having a friend over for dinner, so I need to figure out the menu. I'm definitely doing salmon, but haven't figured out much more than that.

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I need to wrap presents. I haven't wrapped anything.

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Today, my mom, aunt, and I had a girls day. Since my aunt wont be here for Christmas this year and our family is just doing a gag gift exchange (since there arent any kids left, except for when this LO arrives!), the three of us decided to shop around town and find something we liked and the other one of us would buy it for her. I picked out two cute little vintage pictures for the baby's room, from an antique store in town, and my mom decided to buy them for me. Then we walked around Wal Mart, which seemed like forever, and then went to the local coffee/trading house. I bought DH's parents a handmade wind chime and I bought myself a handmade wooden block-looking nativity set. It's funny but what really attracted me to it were the bright colors and that I thought it was kid friendly. LOL

Tonight I am recooperating from walking and standing all day. Tomorrow is church and hopefully relaxing.

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don't worry we didn't die driving all night!!! Although I'm so tired I might. DH had a real rough day the day before so he was exhausted before the trip even started. DD1 threw up once in her barf bucket in the car but hasn't since and DD2 had diarrhea. GAH! So I drove about 16 hours of the 22 hour drive. Although when I'd get real tired DH took over. But he could hardly stay awake so after I slept maybe 1 1/2 hours I drove lol.

DD2 did pretty good except she got tired of sitting in the car and got so upset and she only slept maybe 5 hours!!! Man! Then the dog of course had to be real uptight and kept trying to jump up front instead of laying in the back of the car. Then she climbed ontop of poor DD1 who doesn't feel good at all. She's doing better though.

Once both girls got a good 3 hour nap they did pretty good playing at my mom's. It's nice to get out of the car. I really need to take a nap though because I can feel my arms about to fall off lol. But first let me stuff my belly! DS is hungry too!

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We had a really busy weekend! The ILs were in town because DH's Aunt is here for work. The good news was we got to take the kids swimming at her hotel, the bad news was I didn't get anything done this weekend!

Ok we did get to go see Santa which was a lot of fun for the kids. I'm going to put pics in my siggy soon Smile

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We were out of town for the weekend. Sounds like we all had some busy times!

I'm ready for the holidays to be over so I can just relax for a bit.

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