Weekend Plans??

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Weekend Plans??

It's Friday, I'm bored at work! So, anyone have anything fun planned this weekend?

Tomorrow morning I am planning my usual early morning long run, and then I am going horseback riding with DH and 4 of our other friends. Then tomorrow night we are hosting a Cookout/game night. If it's not unbearably hot out we plan to play outside games, BBQ, etc.

Sunday......I don't have any plans yet. Probably laundry. I'm sure that will be really fun!

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Erin, sounds like a fun day!

I don't have anything planned. I have my US and Dr. Appointment today! My ILs are building a house on their property and we're going to go check out the progress this weekend. Other than that we really don't have any plans....I'd like to go hiking but it is just too darn hot. Oh yeah and we have to do some shopping for hubby. I guess we'll be taking it real easy this weekend! Biggrin I don't mind....here I some True Blood season 2! lol

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You guys are silly... Oh trueblood.. Maybe I should become a fan...

AFM... Its my first weekend of work.. apparently I work every fri-sat-sun there now, untiil september when I'll have to request sun/mon off for Brodys bday..

so it'll be interesting.. becacuse Kevin works graveyard, so now I have to find a babysitter every sat morn for Brody.. But im glad that they will get to spend time together and i can get out of the house and be with non-children (I've been a nanny since Ummm.. 5 years? and then had brody, so basically its kids all day at work kids at home.. never meet new people and never see adults.. so this is a niiice change... even worth the pay cut. haha)

I better go, the "KIDS" I speak of apparently just yelled that they made a huge mess.. yikes!!

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"JKfmAustin" wrote:

Erin, sounds like a fun day!

I don't have anything planned. I have my US and Dr. Appointment today!

Umm that sounds like a definate thumbs up plan!!! Haha.. Love how you're like "oh no big deal no plans... just an US AND DOC APPT!!" :):):)

Hope you update!!!!

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Nothing too big for us. Saturday morning is DS's soccer and Sunday I get to meet my new niece. Other then that just cleaning and laundry.

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Well, DD has pinkeye and is really sort of grumpy and has mood swings at the moment so I dunno what I'll be doing with her.

Esp as DH has schoolwork crunch time this weekend and has to focus on it. I told him he better go to work to do it or he'll never been able to complete it all.

I think I'll probably just take Evie out for brunch and perhaps some bike riding if the weather isn't rainy like it was today. I'd like to do some house cleaning, and more baking, maybe I'll get Evie to help out.

Sunday, I'm excited as I am going to a practice run (I've only started running 2 wks ago, just at this practice run) pushing Evie in the jogging stroller - I've never done that before. Most days when I walk home with her from work/daycare, I feel like I'm killing myself!!

Yeah, it's pretty boring, now that I've written it out LOL.

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Nothing much planned. Just chilling around the house, doing some organizing and cleaning.

We got our new sectional couch delievered today and I'm NOT happy!!! The two do*che-b*gs that bought it into the living room scratched it, dented it and ripped it, so I called to put in a complaint, I have 24 hours to call in any damage to the furniture. The earliest someone can come to the house to check out the damage is TUESDAY and I won't even be home, I'm at work until 5:00!!! :eek: So, far, we're not totally sold on it. It's a lot bigger than what we thought, it doesn't really fit into the room properly. I had to move our entertainment unit 2 feet down the wall so we can watch TV properly and now everything that was on the wall above is off center to the entertainment unit. Sad We're not coffee-table people either and it's glass but it was apart of the package, so we got stuck with a coffee table and 2 end tables (we already have an end table that matches the entertainment unit) that we probably won't use -- maybe we can sell them? We got a nice rug with the deal but we haven't unrolled it yet for fear that we probably won't keep the couch if they won't repair or replace the damaged piece.

I don't know, what do you guys think?

This is before:

I'm not liking the congestion at the front door. I feel the couch is too close, we're used to the open space when we walk in and now it's a whole 2 feet to take off shoes, coats and carry in groceries/backpacks. Feels tight. At least the dogs aren't in the way anymore when we come into the house, we lock them up now for what they did to the last furniture, so that will help with the congestion at the door. They're not allowed on the new furniture for what they did to the last set (they were probably fighting over the window while we were out and somehow the chair ended up with a big chunk missing out of it and it's that fake leather furniture, so it's nearly impossible to fix). I bought them new microfibre beds tonight on Overstock.com, they've been banished to the floor! Wink