Weekend Plans?

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Weekend Plans?

What is everyone doing this weekend?

I am doing pictures in the morning and then that afternoon selling a few things. Might go through more of the kids stuff to get rid of (already have a nice big box of toys to sell!) and then Sunday DH wants to go play paintball ugh. Not to sound *****y, but I really wish he'd stay home and give me a little bit of a break since he was gone 5 weeks and the two days he had off he cleaned his gear and worked out. I'm hoping he changes his mind. I really want just a little "me" time, ya know?

Oh well, we shall see...

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Yesterday I spent the day in Lily Dale with my best friend (9 hours spent away from Lucas for the first time! Yikes!) and went to a Medium.

Today I'm cleaning the house and relaxing with my boys.

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Man yesterday wore us OUT! I am exhausted so DH is staying home with us Smile

The kids are all tired today and we're actually all still in PJs (it's about 10 am) haha.

I think today will be a nice relaxing day.

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Yesterday my mom and Cammi and I went to a fabric store so I could get some fabric to make Cammi a few dresses and a couple of pair of pants. I found some really cute fabric! Then we went to Babies R Us and went hog wild! Lol. It was fun!

Daria, how was it seeing a medium? I've always wanted to go to one.

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I went out with several friends for ladies night last night (for my 30th birthday). We had dessert at a Hungarian restaurant (I had the Hazelnut/Chocolate cake, which was amazing!) and then we all went to the movie theater. My group went to see Snow White and the Huntsman, which I loved. Our other group went to see Magic Mike. Today is all about being laid back. I'm painting large animals for vacation bible school, and trying to keep Elijah relaxed. He had an immunization on Tuesday and has had a lot of congestion since then. Sad

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I just got back from the US Olympic gymnastics trials. I went to the Men's finals yesterday and the Women's finals today. The venue was just a bus ride from my house, and I would have regretted not getting tickets. My Mom went with me and we just had some ladies' time.

DH had a hard time tucking both girls into bed when I was out, and now he has more appreciation for what I have to do whenever he gets home late!

Edit to add: Katie, good to hear your DH stayed home for the day! You totally deserved a break. My DH was only gone for five days last week. I can't imagine if he had been gone five weeks!