Weight Gain...or lack of

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Weight Gain...or lack of

Is anyone else NOT gaining weight? I know I shouldn't whine but its starting to worry me. I'm still at my pre-preggo weight according to my scale at home. The way I've been eating I should be up 5-10 pounds. Anyone else???

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not quite but i'm only up 4lbs which to see my belly is odd

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I'm up 10-11 lbs. But I was underweight (in my opinion) and I've unfortunately have had McDonald's chicken nugget cravings almost every day, so I eat a 20 piece like every other day (I eat it throughout the day). Bleck. However at my last appt I was 10 weeks and I was only 3 pounds up and then 6 weeks later I had gained the rest of the weight.

Also my bathroom scale kept saying I was 5 lbs more than what I was weighed at the doctors. So maybe yours is off? Either way I'm sure as long as baby is growing good that it's okay.

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I've heard pregnancy revs up your metabolism - maybe that might be what's going on? As long as you're eating when you're hungry, and eating the right things, I'm sure it's fine.

I, on the other hand, am up about 10 lbs now! I gained all of that by about 12-13 weeks and in the last two weeks it's slowed a lot.

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I has my thirteen week appt last Friday and I had actually lost 1/2 pound. Sad My doctor wasn't concerned at all but it is not like I am trying to lose weight right now. Just alot going on and a little too much stress I suppose!

I didn't gain any weight in the first trimester with my first either. LOL!


Expecting #2 April 18, 2012

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I didn't gain any weight with DS2 and only a few lbs with DS1. After DS2 was born I was down 25lbs within a week, crazy. With this one I went up like 6lbs initally during the first few bloating weeks but am back down 4lbs. So maybe like a total of 2lbs in all? Also no belly yet and was eating non-stop till this week. I think my babies literally live off of my body fat stores or something.

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"MrsRiggert" wrote:

Is anyone else NOT gaining weight? I know I shouldn't whine but its starting to worry me. I'm still at my pre-preggo weight according to my scale at home. The way I've been eating I should be up 5-10 pounds. Anyone else???

Don't worry, I'm gaining enough for the both of us!! :roll: I was really hoping to keep it in check this time, but it's already out of control.

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*lurker from March 2012*

I'm still down 6-7 lbs from my pre-preggo weight. My doctor does not seem worried, so hopefully it's not necessarily a bad thing we're not gaining! As long as your baby is measuring on track, you should be good!

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I'm down a pound, but I started out fairly heavy. This is the heaviest I have ever started a pregnancy. I hadn't gotten any of the baby weight off from DS, so I having been praying not to gain much. I still eat whatever I want, but the dreaded sweet tooth I had with DS has completely disappeared. I'm sure that has a LOT to do with my lack of gain.

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I'm 12 weeks and I haven't gained anything. But with my first pregnancy I only gained about 4 pounds total in the first 4 months and then put on a whopping 8 pounds in my 5th month and they told me to not gain so much...

And with #2 I had really severe morning sickness and lost 17 pounds in those first 4 months before I started to gain back and AGAIN in my 5th month I put on 8 pounds. So I'm expecting an 8 pound weight gain about 6 weeks from now... ROFL

With #3 I have been puking some, but I've been on Zofran for a few weeks now and that has really helped to control that part of the m/s. I'm mostly just nauseous now, but no longer uncontrollably, thank goodness.

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If your doctor is not worried then I would not be. You can have some of mine, I am up 15 lbs.

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I've been down as low as 10 lbs., and right now I'm down about 7. My Dr. doesnt seem worried yet, although he might be after I see him to follow up with my hospital visit.. :eek:
Of course, I guess technically I was considered "overweight" when I got pregnant (164 lbs and 5'6') so I guess that's why there's no concern yet. But needless to say, the morning sickness is what has kept me losing weight, otherwise, I'm sure I would be up a few pounds.

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Oh yes I'm over weight and don't want to gain more than 15 pounds but I figured I would be up atleast a pound or so and wanted to make sure I was "normal". With the first 2 I gained a TON of weight so I wasn't sure what to expect. LOL! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

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Unless you were way underweight to begin, I wouldn't worry about it. The baby is still less than 1/2 a pound, and that's the only gain I try to pay attention to. I'm not a small girl to start out myself, and I'm supposed to stay within 15 pounds gain HAHA good luck with that!

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I started out my first pregnancy about 4 lbs lighter (than I am now) and gained a total of 8 lbs the entire pregnancy.

My second pregnancy I started out 27 lbs lighter (than I am now) and gained around 50 lbs!! I had an insatiable sweet tooth.

I'm hoping to keep this one within the 15 lb range if possible, but I'm also not going to starve for it lol!! I like food and food likes me Biggrin

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I am up about 11 lbs. Not sure how that happens when you are so nauseated, but I have managed Wink

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I was starting to get concerned myself since I am carrying twins and I have not gained one single pound. However, my doctor advised me not to worry because in the months to come I will put on plenty.