We're home!!

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We're home!!

... from a great vacation!! We went to Toronto to visit family, and also to attend the election for Grand National Chief Shawn Atleo. It was really great to be a part of it and so neat to introduce my daughter to politics and help her begin to become involved and interested!

As for the little one, she is doing really well. She is becoming very interested in putting everything in her mouth and loves chewing on blankets. She isn't rolling yet, but is pushing up on one foot and lifting her bum up! She still hasn't figured out how to lift her shoulder off the ground, but when she does.. she will be off and rolling!


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Glad you had a great vacation. Wish I could have one lol.

She sounds like she's growing well. I love watching Desmond discover new things but I swear this is going WAY too fast! I can't believe that our babies are hitting these milestones when I swear we just had them yesterday!!!

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Sounds like a fun and interesting trip.

We're off on our 'vacation' today. But we're just going for one night in a hotel in Zurich, then to the big zoo there tomorrow before coming back home! Ha ha! a one night 'vacation'! lol