What are the chances?

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What are the chances?

Cammi was laying next to me in bed this morning and all of a sudden she started rolling over on her side and within a minute or so she had rolled all the way on to her stomach! She tried it again a little later but got turned on her side and started getting frustrated. She's very good at holding her head up when im holding her against my chest, but during tummy time she has tummy time, she can't figure out how to lift her head up while laying flat on her tummy. I looked it up and read that babies 2-3 months old usually will roll front to back first because it's easiest and babies 5-6 months will start rolling back to front. Was this just a fluke or is she really already strong enough to start rolling back to front at 5 weeks old?

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It's entirely possible. There's a LO on my DD's birth board that started rolling at 5 weeks old and his mom got it on video, so she had proof that it was really happening. Kole also has incredible head control and started holding his head up the day after we was born. He does great push ups and rolls kind of onto his side but hasn't made it all the way over yet. But I don't think he gets enough tummy time because he gets mad about it pretty quick, and I have to try to keep him out of range of his sister who likes to try to poke him in the eye and her love is a bit rough.

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I think what you read online is just the average. Just like a lot of people say babies don't start walking until about a year old, whereas both of my neices were full time walkers by 8 months. DD2 was sitting by 3 1/2 months pretty much, and usually babies sit unattended between 5-6 months.

She may be strong enough to do it, or maybe it was a fluke, but she seems eager to do it again and learn, which is great! Des has rolled from tummy to back several times since he was about 6 days old (most were probably a fluke). Whenever he has belly time he does try to keep rolling, but he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. Just like the other night I swear he was trying to laugh but it came out more of a gurgle of coos (lol) and they say babies usually laugh out loud between 3-6 months.

But hey that's awesome that she did that, even if it was a fluke!

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"AnnaRO" wrote:

I have to try to keep him out of range of his sister who likes to try to poke him in the eye and her love is a bit rough.

LOL this is totally my DD2! Except she feels the need to always put her face in his and love on him lol. It's cute but she gets too rough!

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Elijah rolled over a few times, within 2 weeks of birth, but hasn't again since then. He tries hard, but never quite gets there enough. The doctor said it's common for babies under 2 weeks, who haven't gained much weight yet, but then they don't usually roll over again for months. I would think 5 weeks is likely past that *fluke* time though.. Smile