what do you ladies think?

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what do you ladies think?

hey there! my name is Juliet, i'm 35 and a mama to 4 wonderful kiddies Biggrin Parker (6), Vivian (4), Charlie (3), and Hudson (1). i've had to have fertility help with each pregnancy and all were meticulously planned. we did clomid with Parker, and the other 3 were all injectible babies. Hudson was actually a twin but we lost his brother 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

the last time dh and i DTD was July 4th. we don't use protection cuz the odds of us getting preggers on our own aren't high. but, last week, i woke up with heartburn and that's something i NEVER get unless i'm pregnant. the day after that happened, i started feeling queasy early in the morning and then on and off through out the day. hasn't let up yet. smells have started to get to me just a little, my boobs feel a little heavy and have been a little sore the past few times bf'ing. also, this morning, i had some brownish/reddish tint to my cm.

i haven't taken a test yet because i've recently dropped the amount of bf sessions with my baby to about 2-3 times a week only at night. the past couple of times i did that with the others i had all of these symptoms before and turned out that my hormones were just trying to get back to normal.

i just want to know what you ladies think. should i bite the bullet and just test? should i wait out some of these symptoms and just see what happens? one would think that i should know what to do but it just seems like this time the symptoms are a little more "real". i would really like to be preggers again because after the loss of Hudson's twin, 5 just seemed like the ideal number for our family. i just would hate to feel all of this, test, and then it come up (-). dh has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want any more kids. anyway, what do you ladies think???

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Hi and welcome!

Those symptoms sound very promising! You should for sure take a test! Fingers crossed that you get to stay here in April! Biggrin

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Definitely test and let us know. Hope you get you BFP!,

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Hi Juliet! Heartburn is also one of my first symptoms, I say test! It would be awesome to be on the same birth board with you again!:)

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I know it's hard to test because of the possibility of disappointment, but your symptoms sound promising! I hope this is it for you. Smile