What a haul!

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What a haul!

So in Michigan, Mom 2 Mom sales are very popular. In any given weekend, there are at least 8 to choose from. This goes on year round during the school season.

Well since I know what we are having and felt good to shop this morning, this is what $40 bought me:

8 crib sheets
10 onesies
3 elastic bottom sleeper gowns
1 adorable newborn outfit
1 brand new in package, never used Boppy cover in the super soft luxe material
6 brand new in package, never used Born Free bottles w/ nipples
1 brand new set of Playschool ABC fridge magnets
1 brand new set of Playschool 123 fridge magnets
...baked good snacks for the hungry mama Blum 3

Yahoo Score! Yahoo

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Wow that's awesome! I can't wait to find out what we're having (Tuesday!) and then look at Black Friday stuff to see if any good deals are going on. If not, I can look at www.bookoo.com because there's a lot of people around here who like to get rid of things for cheap lol.

I love deals!!

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Nice!!! That's awesome. I wish we had those. The best we've got here is JBF twice a year and it hasn't been very impressive anytime I've gone.

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What a great score!
We have something like that too but only 2x's per year.