What money can buy! (Beyonce had her baby)

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What money can buy! (Beyonce had her baby)

What do you think of this story? How would you feel if you were in a hospital with celebrities like this? Would it go over well with your family?


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I've never had a problem with anything Beyonce or Jay-Z did, but this is ridiculous! Not being able to go onto the NICU ward to see my preemie baby? That's not even just bad celebrity issues, thats bad service on the hospital. EEK!

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All I can say is GAG!!!! I would be PISSED if I were one of the parents and family affected by that nonsense!

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LOL. There's no way I would have let Beyonce stop me from seeing my babies in the NICU. No way!

If this story is true, though, this hospital needs to seriously look at its priorities. Weird.

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...beginning rant now.... Sounds like it's all about the money, for sure. I would be embarrassed if I were that hospital CEO. When it comes to non-famous parents, they're for sure earning themselves a bad reputation. I don't think any parents of preemies should feel restricted like that, and if stars want to come visit Beyonce, who obviously didn't care enough to have a hospital set up in her home (if she wanted that much privacy), her famous friends should be seen coming to visit a baby. Why not allow the random group of other new parents see a few stars walk into a room that is *already* private? Ugh. The sense of entitlement annoys me. ...end rant. lol

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I just read that story before logging onto here! I would have complained constantly to the hospital until I could see my baby. That's not right to keep "ordinary" parents away from their babies just because a celebrity is there!

I would've raised hell lol.

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I would have been livid had I not been able to see DS2 in the NICU because of a celebrity. Totally bad customer and patient relations on the part of that hospital. Just shut down her private floor away from the NICU.

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WOW!!!! I would be pulling my kids out IMMEDIATELY! They could transport them to another hospital that treats it's patients with respect!

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This is just ignorance on both the hospital and the new parents of the the Celeb baby!!! I would be BEYOND pissed and really restricting me to see my child who is in the NICU! Already having a hard time and going through that. Beyonce better be giving me all her money then some cause even that wouldnt make me happy from not being able to see my child. This is just rude!!

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That is incredibly disrespectful of the other families having babies in the hospital around the same time. I can't beleive that the hospital put up with that. Sounds like a homebirth with all the medical equipment brought into their home would have been a much cheaper and private option and way less disruptive to the rest of the people using the hospital. (Although I did read that she had a c-section so probably not the ideal homebirth!!)


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I think that is so distasteful on behalf of the hospital as well as Jay-Z and Beyonce. I just can't imagine not being able to see my kids, just because they were there!