What a morning already!

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What a morning already!

So DD woke up this morning at 7:30, which is not unusual. But she refused to eat breakfast and only wanted her bottle (I'm trying to wean her from the bottle). So I gave in and gave her a bottle. Shortly thereafter, she had a massive poopy diaper and since she never stays still when I try to change her, I handed her my phone to keep her occupied. She shoved it down into the poop. Then as I was trying to FINALLY get my own breakfast ready, she puked all over herself and had a large pool of it on the floor. I had already dressed her because I have an appointment this morning and I have to take her with me. Now she's running around in a diaper, and I'm exhausted.

But, I get to schedule my BIG u/s today when I go to my regular appointment! Biggrin

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Wow...sounds like a rough morning! I hope things start looking up and getting easier!

And I hope you don't get sick since DD seems to be sick. But yay for getting to schedule your big u/s!!

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Oh no! Sounds kinda like some of the mornings we have around here! Hearing that sweet little baby heartbeat will make it all better, though! :bighug: Hope your day only gets better from here!

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That is definately a stressfull way to start the morning!!

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Totally a rough way to start the morning. Hope it gets better from here!

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That is jaw-dropping YUCK! Beee I hope your day vastly improved!!