What are people doing for Remembrance Day?

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What are people doing for Remembrance Day?

Just curious what everyone has planned for Remembrance Day?

We are going to go downtown to the parade and wreath laying. My husband is in the Reserves, so it is important for our family to go down and remember those who have fought, fallen and continue to serve. Also, my grandfather flew in Lancasters in WWII and my great-uncle was a doctor on a ship sunk by a U-boat in the Mediteranean, so it is important for us to remember the sacrifice they made.


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not sure, ds1 has a party in the afternoon and i'm not sure if we'd be pack in time. They did a ceremony at school on Friday. Ds1 was awesome, we had gone through his "save" jar the night before and he was buying my $1 coins for 4 quarters. Here we have special poppy quarters and he had one he'd been saving for ages. He never wanted to spend it. Well on Friday he took it and gave it to his teacher who teared up. I didn't know this but his teacher was a former pilot and even brought in his combat helmet and boots for the kids to try on

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Aw LJ that's so sweet of your son!

Honestly, we didn't really do anything for the 10th (Marine Corps birthday ha) but yesterday (the 11th) we went bowling. We just spent time as a family all day which was nice.

My husband and DD1 both have/had Friday and Monday off so we got a 4 day weekend together which has been nice. Tonight my husband is going to BBQ.
Nothing too special, but in a way it is because we're spending it together Smile