What is up with random people in stores!!!

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What is up with random people in stores!!!

Ok, so I have had some weird encounters in stores in the last couple days...

Heidi is a super smiley baby and her whole face lights up when she smiles. I get that this is a great smile, but people seem to take this as an invitation to touch her. I was walking with her in a front carrier looking out, and a lady walked up and commented on how happy she is... so far normal, then she put her finger up and ran it through Heidi's hair and let Heidi grab her finger. I kept trying to turn my body so that Heidi wasn't right between us, but seriously... you wouldn't pet someone's dog without asking, so why is it ok to touch someone's baby???

Another day another store and a man walked right up to me in an blocked my way down the aisle and started talking to Heidi and then commented at the end "What a gift from God!" I am ok with other people being religous, but why does she have to be a gift from God?? Why can't she just be a child?? and why the religous comment when you don't have any idea what religion my family and children are?? Drives me nuts...

Wish I could be rude and just make snarky comments to these people, but with three other small children, I am always aware that they are watching but I definitely need a way to get out of these encounters...


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For some reason it does not want me to reply to this thread! Lol finally got it though!!!

I haven't had anyone try to touch Desmond, but then again when I go to a store I zip through and I usually have a screaming 2 year old so I'm sure I scare people away lol. Although I have had people look and comment about him. Just the other day at the dentist someone was just talking away at him and he kept smiling. I have head that around here there are a lot of grabby people. One of the new mommies said an older man tried to take her daughter out of her arms to hold her at the store. She wound up yelling at him, cussing at him, and another mom yelled at him too because he would not stop. I'm glad nothing like that has happened to me because I would probably freak out and cry lol.

I don't get how people don't understand boundaries!!

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some people sure are crazy. I've had people touch Adam once or twice but the strangest was when I was at Walmart, I just ran in didn't bother with the heavy carseat and b/c it was quick i didn't put the wrap on so I was just holding him. Anyway I was paying and adjusting him to get my card and the cashier put her arms out and said "I'll hold him if you want" UMMM no thanks. Why would someone think to offer that! odd odd people.

When I first had him I had him in the wrap and dropped ds1 off at school and a woman asked if she could touch his feet, I thought that was nice and for feet too (hate the face touching)

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Fortunately, I haven't had too much of the weirdos this time. I usually wear him in a sling, facing me and baby-wearing isn't too big in this area so that generally puts people off. I've also been told I'm not very approachable, so that may factor in too. I have had a lady rub his back and and the back of his head while cooing at him.

The worst offense that ever happened to me was when DD was a baby about 4 or 5 months old. I was changing her diaper on a changing table in the grocery store bathroom, and this old lady came in and was standing there cooing at her. Fine. Whatever. And I was wiping her poopy bum and then glanced up and the lady had let DD grab her finger and put it in her MOUTH!!!! I about lost my mind!! It still makes me sick to think about it and I will NOT change diapers in public bathrooms, unless the changing table is in the handicap stall now. EWWWW!