What would you do?

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What would you do?

I have an appointment tomorrow and I'll be 39w2d. I know that if I ask for a check and for him to strip my membranes that he will (if he can get to my cervix of course).

Would you do it? Or wait until 40?

My reasons for doing it would primarily be because as a vbac, I just don't want any red flags on my file like going post dates, or increased chance of meconium that may put me more in the spotlight. DS went to 42 weeks and he had meconium, and I keep thinking if he hadn't gone so long maybe he wouldn't have had it, but he might have. No way of knowing really. I have had some contractions and maybe it would send me over the edge just enough to go into labor. There will be no induction as a vbac.

Reasons for waiting: Maybe she's just not ready. It's really painful for me. I'm really not miserable or sick of being pregnant or anything like that. Of course I can't wait to meet her, but I've had a very nice pregnancy.

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honestly not sure, I have the same question right now (only without your vbac concerns) since m/w mentioned they talk about it at my next appt
I had ds1 at 39w3d and he had mecomium so don't know if sweep will prevent that right now. I'll likely wait b/c I worry about causing my body to start when it's close but not quite ready. I had a relatively good first delivery though so I'm worried pushing things early will mess that up (after walking around at 2-3cm for a few weeks I got to hospital at 7cm so I think I "gradually" laboured which I'm certainly not complaining about)
I'm also still fighting this silly sinus infection so I feel like crud
sorry I realize that doesn't give you an answer, just wanted to let you know you're not alone in your decision and what my thoughts are

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I think I would probably go ahead with it, but I am weak and considering my recent birth experience, I completely understand the 'red flags' thing. I don't know if I'm a good person to answer your question right not. But being so close to your EDD and knowing how the medical community reacts to anything 'they' perceive as increased risk, I don't think I could resist the temptation to get things moving.

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If it was about how my pregnancy was, I'd do it, but that was because I was so miserable. With both of my girls I would've waited because I felt good throughout most of the pregnancies.

What about getting the opinion of your OB to see what he thinks? Or maybe have him check you and if you're only a one or so, wait, but if you feel you're progressing well, than go for it?

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I personally would, but I also had a sweep at 37.5 weeks (baby was born that night). I am of the opinion that short of induction nothing will work unless your body is ready. Good luck with your decision.