"What are you thankful for?"

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"What are you thankful for?"

Hi all,

We need your help asap! We're currently gathering quotes from members of various groups onsite for an upcoming feature article in November! As we (in the U.S. -- but everyone is welcome to participate!), prepare for Thanksgiving, many tend to reflect on the past year as well as their future... to focus on those things for which we appreciate (even if that for which we are grateful was strength to face those challenging times.) Some call it "counting your blessings"; others "take inventory of the positives."

What are you most thankful for this year? Share now as many as you'd like!

If preferred, you may email your list directly to me at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email].

Thanks in advance for your help! (I'll be putting you on *my* list of what I'm most thankful for!!)


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This year was a little rocky for us. DH had his first deployment (although luckily he wasn't going to a combat zone like the rest of his unit). During his deployment I had my first miscarriage and he was only able to call once to see how I was and then I didn't hear his voice for another month (it was hard!) and since I was only 6 weeks along no one knew about it. I didn't really have any friends so I went through it pretty much alone. Then when he got back from deployment (it was only about 3 months long) we got pregnant again!

But his family was being unsupportive about any move we made (they don't know we're pregnant and he isn't going to tell them). They would start fights with me then deny it, they would say nasty comments to me then say "Lets forgive and forget" and even got mad when I refused to control DH. He read the texts and emails they sent me and when confronted them they blamed it on his mom. His mom then got mad because his sisters told her it was all me. So he had enough and cut them all out of our lives.

Then they needed combat replacements to go to a highly active area in Afghanistan. They were trying to force him to go because they want him to get that experience to become a better leader. If he was to go he would possibly miss the birth of our new one. They kept telling him to go pull him paperwork and switch over to the other unit and go. He told them no he didn't want to because I was pregnant and having bad family problems and didn't want them attacking me while he was gone again. After a few days of them pressuring him and telling him to get his stuff and go (then higher ups walked away) he left for the day. He was gone a few hours before anyone noticed and called him. He called his LT (he didn't know his new platoon SGTs number) and talked with him. Two more days of waiting and they finally told him he didn't have to go and gave all the married guys choices.
It's not that he didn't want to go, but he wants to go with his own unit when the time comes (he actually almost was a combat replacement for his unit but decided against it because he didn't have to time to talk with me about it...he would've only been gone 2-3 months).

And then in the past 6 weeks I met a now really good friend of mine. Her DH is in the same platoon as mine and they're good friends too.

So this year what I'm thankful is:

My husband's unit mostly came back (they lost 5 guys out there, RIP) and are now safe
That my husband didn't get forced as a combat replacement
I met my new really good friend
The girls we do have are happy and healthy
That we have enough to live comfortably and have a cushion in case something happens
That we have each other
And for this new little one we will welcome next year!

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Thank you for your help... and for your family's daily sacrifices made for our country. Please be sure to see my post offering an invitation and link to our Military Families board. One of my favorite things about Pregnancy.org is that members are free to interact on multiple boards!

All the best!