What's for Dinner?- 09/01

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What's for Dinner?- 09/01

Tell us what you are having!!!

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We are having Shake N Bake chicken, 3 cheese noodles and beans. Almost the same as Mondays meal but with noodles instead of rice. I know not very creative but I know it will taste good.

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Mini Meatloaves, baby lima beans, and salad

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How sad that its 2:30 and I haven't even planned anything. Think that means it should be sushi night!

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We have a BBQ at daycare tonight so lots of yummy foods!

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The plan was to have hamburgers, but I have a desperate craving for a buffalo chicken and blue cheese salad. I had that for lunch yesterday and it was so good that it's all I can think about now. Hm. We'll see what we end up with! Smile

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A bacon and cheese quesadilla. With sour cream.

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Probably salad.. and something else.. my appetite is kind of blah all the time, so it's whatever happens to look good when I am hungry. Since I am just cooking for me this week, I don't have to worry about feeding the girls...

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It was Parmesan crusted chicken, fried okra and mashed potatoes at our house tonight.

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Barbacoa beef tacos and burritos with corn. (lots of veggie fixings!)

So yummy. I love slow cookers making my meals easy.