What's For Dinner? 09/08

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What's For Dinner? 09/08

What's are you having for dinner tonight?

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I am making Nasi Goreng. It is a Dutch rice dish with veggies and meat mixed in. I think I will use our leftover roast from yesterday. I am looking forward to it.

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We have a monthly girl's night out with our local ICAN group, so tonight will be mexican food!! Yummmm... just not sure how well it is going to agree with me.

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I have chicken thawed out. What it will turn into is anyone's guess right now.

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Something with groud beef, because that's what is thawing out. Not quite sure yet what I'll do with it...

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Pasta and salad

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pork chops Smile They're in the crock pot!

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Our church is having a Ladies Night Out tonight which is catered so I have no idea what I am eating. Thank goodness I don't have too many aversions right now!

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I suppose its whatever my husband wants. I have so many smell aversions and I can barely eat anything. Sad I feel like having a whoa is me party. Wah!

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We are having grilled cheese and spaghettios.

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My family had pork chops, mac n cheese and salad... me nothing.. I think I have some type of virus. Sad

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We had take & bake pizza - half canadian bacon & pineapple, and half barbecue chicken. Smile I was not AT ALL interested in putting together dinner tonight. It has been WAY hotter than normal here for this time of year (mid 90s), and I have one puny A/C unit that's just not cutting it.