What's for dinner? 11/15

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What's for dinner? 11/15

What are you eating tonight?

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And I think I am going to serve it over mashed potatoes or maybe rice, whichever DH prefers.

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Taco Bell.

Unless I'm feeling like actually making something...

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We are having chicken with mashed potatoes and corn.

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Black bean chili

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"KET_2010" wrote:

We are having chicken with mashed potatoes and corn.

This is what I made yesterday.

Tonight might be burgers and german potatoes.

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I'm too tired to cook, and not really hungry. I fed my 2 yr old some veggie soup and goldfish crackers, and DS will need to forage for himself.

I'm really glad I grabbed a few cans of soup for days like this.:D

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My partner came home with a deer last night, so it was venison stew and dumplings today!!


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As per my addiction, we had the Banquet "fried" chicken and salad Smile

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