What's Left?

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What's Left?

We've discussed this before, but now that many of us are now within a month of our due dates I'm curious as to what's left on your To Do list.

I've washed and hung all the baby's clothes up to size 3 months, which was exciting and I still love just standing in the closet and looking at them! However, that's pretty much all I've done. Here's my To Do list:

- Get baby stuff out of storage: Pack 'n Play (and must set up the bassinet feature on that), car seat and base, stroller, swing, bouncer, play mat, bottles, Baby Bjorn
- Wash bottles/nipples
- Buy diapers (Looking forward to the teeny tiny diapers again-- they're just soooo cute!) Smile
- Buy some nursing bras and tops (I'm a very different size now than I was back then)
- Assemble hospital bag (honestly, I probably won't do this til very close to my due date... I just think it's highly unlikely I'll go into labor much sooner than that- I was 4 days past due w/my daughter)
- Reorganize the changing table bins, which are still full of my daughter's stuff

I'm sure there are a few more things, but these are the big ones. I probably won't even attempt to do most of this stuff til I'm within 2 weeks of the due date, knowing me. So what's left on your list?

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Make curtains and crib bumper
Cover board to go across vanity turned changing table
Organize changing table essentials onto changing table
Wash bottles
Pack my hospital bag
Buy some nursing tanks (our Walmart hasn't had any in my size)
Type up birthplan
Clean out and make up bassinet (its currently holding a pile of clothes)

Ack, I guess that's it. I'm totally lacking motivation so far this. I'm home by myself all the time and I guess laying on the couch and watching tv by myself is a lot easier to do than trying to get things done around te house by myself!

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I'll probably have DH wash the bottles and everything after I have him (when I'm in the hospital to give him something to do lol). I pretty much have everything ready. I would like to hang more sleepers but I dunno if I have enough hangers or not. I need to unpack the one box in his room and put the few books I have for him on a book shelf and then his room will be done (aside from putting a sheet on the mattress).

More so we need to finish unpacking our room lol. DH needs to break down the boxes we have in our room that are empty and put the last 3 boxes in there for me to unpack and put away. That's a job for Friday because DH is off work (his company won some family day competition last week so they got a day off for it...yay). Oh and we need to finish unpacking the kitchen (extra dishes). Then DH can find a place to put all his junk lol. It'll be nice though because DH really wants to set up his work out stuff and in order to do so he has to move the stuff to get it set up so ha!

Anyway, really I have everything ready. I mean we might need to put new batteries in the swing (which we have), but everything is washed and ready to go. We have about 400 or 500 diapers already and if I start to get low I can order more off Amazon and have them here in a few days ha ha. We have plenty of wipes since DD2 is still in diapers. And I have nursing bras, pads, shirts, etc.

Oh and I guess I need to mentally prepare myself too! Lol.

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"JBird3010" wrote:

I'm home by myself all the time and I guess laying on the couch and watching tv by myself is a lot easier to do than trying to get things done around te house by myself!

This is me...except I spend a lot of time on the computer while DD2 plays beside me or watches Team Umizoomi over and over and over again lol.

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-Put the carseat base back in the van. Just put that away too!
-Pack my birthing/overnight bag.
-Really need to go hunt down some Recharge drinks next time I'm near a Whole Foods.
-Gotta put a dent in my freezer meals after I clean out the chest freezer.

Not too much to do overall and those tinkgs won't take too much time. I still can't believe the end is near.

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I'm ready. If he came today I'd be ready for him! I love that feeling. All I have left to do really is finish packing a hospital bag for me and baby boy.
My biggest thing right now is getting my mom up here to me and figuring out what to do with DD while I'm in the hospital. I don't have anyone trustworthy to watch her.

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Oh yeah, I've still gotta secure the "who is watching the kids thing" :confused:
My mom will either drive here (8-9 hours) or fly (still at least 3.5 -4 hours if she can get a last min. flight) to watch the kids but I need someone here in case we can't wait 4-9 hours for her to arrive. My sister might come be able to come but she is a 2 hour drive away still. Need a back up, back up, if that makes sense.

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I think I have someone to watch the kids if needed. It depends on the time of day really. If it's during the day my only worry is if DD1 is in school. I have a friend who will watch them, but she also wants to be at the hospital in the waiting room. I just dunno how long the kids would last if I had a long labor. I honestly wanna go into labor early in the morning or at night just so then they will be asleep and I don't have to really worry. There's a couple people who would come stay at the house (and probably sleep) if it was at night that I trust. Esp since the girls sleep through the night. But if it's close to 530 or 6 AM DD2 gets up lol.

I figure when the time happens we'll play it by ear LOL! Good thing I'm only about 2 minutes from the hospital now!

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We have arrangements for my girls, no matter what day/time I deliver, and just made 2 extra keys for it.

We have the packed diaper bag and carseat/base in the trunk of my car (long story, but my car won't fit the new baby AND all of us... and DH's car is old and I don't want to sit in it 1.5 hours and back to the hospital lol).

We have the majority of our hospital overnight bag packed, aside from the last-minute toiletries type items, my laptop, pillow, etc.

I still have to finish a little curtain for baby shelves (it's really not necessary, but I think it will look more baby-ish with it, than just a standard bookshelf. haha

I have to make a boppy cover, or else this little one is going to have pink & purple on the cover. (again, not emergency, but I just really want to)

I am knitting a stuffed baby turtle that I want to finish before he gets here; also knitting a teddy bear for Kenya that I really wanted to get done before then

I made a massive batch of hamburger spaghetti sauce last night, so there are 3 1- gallon bags in the freezer. Oh yeah, we bought a 5.2 cubic foot freezer the other day! That feels SUPER awesome, even if it's only a little bit. I want to do more food prep too, but there are only so many hours in my day. Thinking I might prep italian chicken for salads, pastas, etc.

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As I'm reading your responses I'm being reminded of things to add to my list! I also need to print off my birth plan (it's already written.... reusing the one I had with my daughter) and either buy or make a new Boppy cover. Mine is pink w/cupcakes all over it... not that the baby would know or care, but I gotta spare his dignity a bit! Wink

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I still need to do a lot, but it's all easy stuff for the most part:
- buy diapers and set up cloth diaper delivery service (we did the service before and I think we'll do it again)
- wash clothes, crib and bassinet sheets, blankets, burp cloths, etc.
- install car seat base
- pack my hospital bag
- wash out my pumping supplies (though hopefully I won't need those until after I return to work)
- get my nursing bras, pads, and clothes ready/available
- clean out our spare bedroom so that my mom can use it when she comes
- buy a stroller frame, or stroller, that goes with our infant car seat that we bought used the other weekend
- maybe buy a car seat adapter for the bob stroller that we bought used the other weekend
- get a hair cut!! This might be my most important item, lol.

Yikes, that list is longer than I thought it would be.

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oh my... I've got so much left to do, but am at a standstill due to furniture issues - DS is still using all the baby furniture, so until we get new stuff for him, we have nothing to go in the baby's room! And the baby's room is still my sewing room - so it's a big old mess! DH seems to think we don't need to do any of that now... when he thinks it's going to get done is a big question, but I can't do it - so am just trying to let this one go... she'll be sleeping with us for the first few months anyways...

Clothes are all washed - but in piles on the floor because we have nowhere to put them.
Hospital bag is basically packed - just the last minute things to go.
We have a 'general' plan for what to do with DS when the time comes.

- buy and assemble new furniture for DS so we can move the baby stuff and have a room for LO
- pick up the cradle we are borrowing for the newbie
- borrow (or possibly buy) a baby bath
- finish knitting shawl
- finish sewing small CD stash
- buy some socks for newbie (a silly thing, but I can't find any of DSs NB size socks!!)
- buy/make bedding for the crib
- buy/sew curtains for the room
- convert the Bugaboo back into it's 'cot' format and change the canopy (I got a new purple set! yay!)
- install the car seat base
- Buy a present for DS 'from the baby'
- get the bouncy chair back from friends
- get the swing back from friends

oh yeah... and CHOOSE A NAME!!! Wink

so... ummm... yeah... although we technically have all the essentials, but I totally don't feel 'ready' to be bringing a baby back home! And with my back the way it is, there's precious little I can actually do about getting these things done!!

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- pick out names
- get a pedicure (haha)
- pack baby bag
- put car seat in car

I'm pretty sure everything else will work itself out in the end. No idea why I'm so laid back this time, but it's nice Biggrin

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Ok my list is (amazingly) short because we did a LOT over spring break.

What I have left to do:

* Paint football laces on the wall (the boys have dark brown walls...they used to have blue and white circle stickers on them but the stickers don't stick anymore so I'm changing it up)

* Pick out a name

* Buy and paint letters of baby's name and put them up on the wall.

* put Lexi's carseat in the back row of the car and install baby's seat (this will be one of the last things I do)

* get new tubes and valves for breast pump (OR buy my friends used pump...not sure which I'll do yet)

* buy bottles

* wash Zayne's binks for baby

* Pack hospital bag


* Put together the crib

*Washed and folded all the baby clothes we have (0-9 months...each "age/size" has it's own drawer)

*Put diapers away

* Re-arranged the bedroom

* Brought the swing upstairs (so the kids get used to it being there)

Ok...so my to do list is longer than my done list but my to do list is stuff that should be quick and easy Smile

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My list is not very long but has mostly non baby stuff.
- do our taxes
- clean van
- install car seat base
- clean our room
- set crib to right height
- clean and set up cradle

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We just finished getting everything we needed this past weekend so now is time to set up.

Set up pack n play
Set up swing
Get car seat installed

Clothes washed & put away!

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Not a lot left for me to do here. DH gets home on Saturday after being away in China since January, so I'm trying to take things as easy as possible (yeah right, with 5 kids already). FIL and partner will be here to watch the kids if I go before the weekend. He will also drive me to the hospital which is 20 minutes away. The only thing left to do is my final checklist (camera, water bottle, phone charger, case of bathroom items which I've had open and living out of for a few weeks now) and pop them in the bag. The carseat is in the boot of the car already.

I've been this ready for a while after my midwife said to watch out for pre-term labour because I was so low and engaged so early. Her comment even made me go out and buy a prem outfit... just in case.

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"KET_2010" wrote:

This is me...except I spend a lot of time on the computer while DD2 plays beside me or watches Team Umizoomi over and over and over again lol.

ROFL, me too on Facebook while DD watches a selection of Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora or Diego. Wink

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"3KiwiKids" wrote:

ROFL, me too on Facebook while DD watches a selection of Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora or Diego. Wink

I could have totally posted that except replace DD with DS LoL.....