Who have you told?

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Who have you told?

We haven't told anyone yet. After losing 2 pregnancies so far this year, I'm waiting a bit.

Going to try to make it to our first ultrasound on the 19th, but I'd like to ultimately hold out until the second trimester.

If you have told people.. who?

If not, when do you plan on doing it?

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Everyone! My husband totally embarassed me...we were at church and I was going through our lunch line and he yells, "Make sure you fill that plate up, you're eating for two now!" My face got soooo red, but of course everyone congradulated us!

And now because of my 7 year old son, everyone from the dentist to the kid's family doctor to the grocery store clerks know that I'm having another baby!

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We've only told our immediate family members. DH didn't want to spread the news quickly this time, so we're waiting for the 'global' (ie: FB) announcement until after that first U/S on the 29th. But, I did also have to tell my July 08 girls Biggrin

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We just told DD last night (after everything checked out fine at my first Dr appt), we'll wait a few more weeks until we tell anyone else. Our family is far from us so keeping it a secret isn't that hard. I have also told the girls on my May 2010 BB, I love those ladies!!

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We've told my immediate family and 3 really close friends. We'll be telling his immediate family over the next 2 days as we see them. Once I have my doctor's appt next week to confirm that everything is good, I'll tell close friends as I see them. As for "going public" (Facebook), I'm planning to wait til 12 weeks.

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No one! We aren't going to tell anyone about it until 1st trimester is over. We *might* tell my MIL after the next U/S because she knows about our other losses and I'm really close to her. No one else knows about our miscarriages and I'd like to keep it that way. I've had 2 losses at 12 weeks so I really want to wait until 16 weeks or so. BUT, the fact that we're pregnant with identical twins is making it harder to keep it to ourselves! lol

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My husband has told a few people he is really excited, and I have told my closest friends but we won't make an official announcement until after 12 weeks.

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I keep trying to not tell people but every time I see someone I burst out the news. I'm not good at secrets. I've had mc's but I still can't help myself. I guess I better make an official announcement before my family finds out through the grapevine... haha

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My sister, our best friend, DH's mom, DH's grandparents, my mom, four facebook friends, and I just sent a letter out to my grandparents with a photo of DS in a big brother shirt. Smile So far, thats it. Seems like a lot.

I'm BAD at secrets. LOL. Part of me just wants to telll my employer already too, but the absolute earliest I'd actually want to do it is next week.

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I REALLY wanted to keep the news quiet and just within my immediate family (and my husband's) and my close friends. With my history of loss, I didn't want to have to go back and tell a lot of people if we lost the pregnancy.

But my mom passed away last week (not unexpectedly) and my dad has been so happy about my news, he has been telling everyone he sees. Smile How can I complain about that?? Now this little bean just needs to stick ... I don't plan on making a big announcement on facebook or anything. I think the people who need to know already do.

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I only have told close friends, not family. My family doesn't know anything about our TTC, including my four losses....Then my best friend just lost a baby at 23 weeks pregnant...so I'm going to wait as long as possible!

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I've told my two best friends, only because they kept asking me why I wasn't drinking & kept wanting me to. Really didn't want to though lol, but I ended up telling them, as well as my son's Godmother. Of course, my fiance knows too. We won't make the big announcement until most likely the big ultrasound when we find out the gender.

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We've told my parents and sisters, as well as several close friends, but word is traveling fast in our small community, so a lot of people know now. Still haven't told DH's side, but now that I've had an ultrasound we probably will. Just hasn't come up yet. My sisters were the first to know (after DH of course) because they knew we were trying.

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My best friend and my SIL now knows only because she helped babysit my other three last Saturday while I went to the dr for this crazy bleeding issue. No one else knows, and if my pregnancy is a keeper, no one will no until at least 14-16 weeks! I'm not taking chances.

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I've told my daycare provider (because she's a close friend) and my BFF. I think I'm going to have to tell work. **Going to post a new post right now for your thoughts**

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I was going to keep it quiet, but at work someone brought it up yesterday. :oops: I work in a tense environment, so I was sure it would be bad news, but my boss was VERY happy for me...and actually felt bad that I was scared to tell her.

One of the clients I work with is very isolated, and I hadn't seen him in two weeks. Today when I went in his room, he immediately said, "What did you do, swallow a watermelon?" I was shocked. Somehow, he could tell I was pregnant immediately.

We finally told our mommies and our siblings...the facebook announcement will probably happen sometime after the 10 week mark.

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We are waiting until this upcoming holiday weekend to tell family. That way I'll be about 10 weeks along and we'll actually be a family reunion so everyone can find out at once! Plus we will have u/s pictures!

Not only that, but my brother just recently announced his engagement so I don't want to "steal their thunder" sort of speak.

However, since my husband is military they prefer to know after it's confirmed. We were going to wait until the first ultrasound, but he went ahead and told them so he can go to the first u/s.

Other than that we haven't told anyone because we did lose one in April (no one knew and when I m/c his friends were surprised since they didn't even know we had been trying). Also I know a couple who lost their baby between 18-20 weeks (they found out when they went to learn the sex of the baby, so sad!).

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No one yet. I won't do a public announcement till after we hear a heartbeat ( no early U/S for us), so that will be our first 'contact' with the baby. We will probably tell family after 8 wks, depending on when we see them. I am not sure how long I will be able to hide it, because I think I will be showing soon, but I will try to hide it for awhile.

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Noone in real life yet.. and it's going to stay that way for a while. With DS we didn't even tell our parents until after the first tri although a few close friends knew by that point. We will likely keep this one under wraps for the first tri as well - until after the scan, NT and blood testing at around 12 wks. I was lucky in that I had hardly any bump at all until about 16 weeks, so it was easy to keep it hidden that way!

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No one other than some people here on other boards. I usually like to wait till the end of the 1st trimester. Hopefully I can still hide it that long with baby #3.

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I will be holding out until 12 weeks as well. We have only told my best friend because she knew we were TTC. Other than that....NO ONE!

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we're waiting, after the m/c last year I'd rather not tell, so 12 weeks at the earliest.

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Having had two miscarriages.. the first everyone knew about (I was 11 weeks) and the second no one (I was 5 weeks).. we have decided to tell everyone who knows us, cares about us and would be there to support us. So we have told all of our families and close friends... Hoping this will be the one that we can just continue to tell everyone good news!!

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I've shared with my sister, cousin, and 3 girlfriends. I can't keep it to myself! I'm praying this bean sticks as I suffered a chemical pregnancy in March.

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I've told my 3 best friends, and my husband's pregnant cousin. We will tell family probably in 4 weeks (or after an ultrasound, whichever comes first). I'll tell my boss whenever I think I need to, then I'll go global around 12 weeks, unless I start to show first, which is entirely possible.

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We are also keeping the news to ourselves till at least 12 weeks. Mom lives with us and has this insane habit of keeping track of my period so she is bound to figure it out well before the 12 week mark but we'll see.

We've had one loss back in 2006 that everyone knew about and I hated all the phone calls and stupid comments so I don't want to put myself through that crap again. We had two CP's in a row a few months ago and I was really glad I kept my mouth shut. Hope this one will stick so I can tell everyone! It's SO HARD not to tell!