Will's birth story

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Will's birth story

As promised here is Will's birth story! I posted it on my blog and have included the links to both posts. Smile

http://yearsofjubilee.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/wills-birth-story-part-one/ -- part one

http://yearsofjubilee.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/wills-birth-story-part-two/ -- part two

And here are some pictures of our little boy!

sleepy time in bed this morning!

Happy family!!


Isn't he cute? Smile

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He is perfect!! And you look fantastic!! What a cute family Biggrin

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He's so handsome! I love his eyes!

Great birth story! I really liked the part after you had him where you said you barely recognized yourself, but at least your hair looked good. Lol!

But it sounds like you did really well and that your husband was a very great supporting partner! Congrats again!

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Great birth story! You can write girl. Smile He is adorable!

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Thanks! We are enjoying him so much, even if he won't let us put him down. Smile

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wow what a story....wtg mamma, sounds like a long labour but YOU DID IT!!!

congrats, handsome boy

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TFS! He is super cute!
Our boys share a birth date as well. Its neat to think that someone here was laboring at the same time as I was.

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WTG lady! YOU DID IT!! Smile