Won't Be Too Much Longer....

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Won't Be Too Much Longer....

This was taken yesterday on Tyler's 6 month 'birthday'. You can turn your sound down so you don't have to hear my 'mom' voice Wink

We also had his 6 month check-up. 18lb 2oz (70%) and 26.75in long (50%) He's finally stretching out!

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I can't see anything! Although I'm guessing the video looks a lot like the one I just took of Ella, doing her best to move! (And likely with the same 'mom' voice in the background!) Wink

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Super cute!!! And after his shots too! I just got a video of Kole doing a little froggy hop yesterday. He wants to move so bad. It makes me excited and sad all at the same time.

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Gah, I can finally reply lol. Google Chrome won't let me. :/

Anyway, yay Tyler! That's awesome!
Desmond has been scooting (mainly backwards) and he's so close to going forwards crawling! I can't believe our little guys are already almost crawling. Then of course we're going to be saying I wish they weren't lol.

Time is going by so fast.

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woo that's awesome Smile