Woot I can't believe I'm back :)

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Woot I can't believe I'm back :)

Hello, been TTC for a while - had two CP's in a row some months ago -- had a hunch it worked this time and I just took a FRER and it worked! LOL Well, it worked like I wanted it to for once, good solid non squinter line and I'm 10DPO -- and it's late at night so YAY!

EDD would be April 30th, 2012 so I'll be on this board and May too!

Hope I get to stay this time! I'm sorry I am just SO excited I feel like doing a dance lol

K I took progressive pics at 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes lol cause I'm obsessive lol

Here is the pic at 1 minute regular and inverted.

What do you think? I think that's the best line I've seen late night 10DPO for me.

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Yea congrats and welcome to April!!!! That line looks wonderful to me!!!

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Aww Thank you thank you! Congrats to you too! I'm so happy right now I vow only to think great positive thoughts Smile

since we have a no tell rule till about 12 weeks I was just freaking out to say something to someone haha I didn't DARE post without pics and I just had that feeling I was going to need my camera!

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I understand that one! I am the same way except I have already spilled the beans to a very few people Smile & Thank You.

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And what a beautiful line it is. Smile Congratulations!!

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Congrats! That's a pretty clear line!

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Congrats! I totally see it!

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Congrats! That's a great line!

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Congratulations!! That is exciting!! Welcome to April!!

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Congrats!!! YAY for two lines!! Yahoo

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Congrats Michelle!!

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Welcome to April!! :wavehello: