Worst appointment possible...

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Worst appointment possible...

I had my 30 week appointment today. To say it did not go well is an understatement.

First I met with the nurse to go over hospital stuff. That went fine, I got my paperwork to send in, etc.

Then I had my appointment with the OB. That's where it started to go downhill. Weight was the same as 2 weeks ago, which was the same as 3 weeks before that. So no weight gain in 5 weeks. My blood pressure was a different story. That was 162/98.

So the OB comes in and measures and listens to the heartbeat, etc. She then writes me out a script for BP meds, tells me I'm now considered high risk because of the high blood pressure (it was elevated at my last appt too) in addition to the gestational diabetes, I need non stress tests weekly now, I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks just to check growth, sends me to the lab for bloodwork, but spares me the 24 hour urine collection because I'm not spilling any protein, and then drops the bomb.

They don't want me to try to VBAC. She said it as delicately as possible, and knew I was upset, even though I knew things were quickly stacking up against me. Chances are high that my blood pressure will cause them to want to deliver me early anyway, and since I can't be induced, there's only one way for the baby to come out. It is what it is I guess.

They did take my BP again at the end and it was 144/90.

Oh, and I almost got pulled out of work. I said no, because I don't really want to not get a full 12 weeks after to spend at home with the baby, but if my boss continues to be an idiot I'm going to end up pulled out early anyway. He doesn't seem to get the "I need less stress, not more" talk I gave him last week. Ugh.

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I'm so sorry about the appointment. I'd be upset too. That is horrible that they don't want you to try for the VBAC. Do you have to use that doctor or hospital or can you find a different OB? I know HB can be an issue that needs to be dealth with accordingly but I don't think that it has to 100% rule out your chance for a VBAC. Your body is pretty smart and if BP starts to be an issue you may go into labor naturally a littler earlier in order to get baby out of an unfavorable environment. Also there are other induction methods besides pitocin that can be used safetly for VBAC moms. Ask your OB about if they are willing to use other methods of induction if needed. I'm pretty passionate about VBACing so if you need some info feel free to PM me.


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So sorry your appointment sucked.

Do you take your BP at home at all? The stress and just being in the office may be skyrocketing your BP as it is. When I go to the MW my BP is fine, if I take it at home, it's fine, if I walk into a hospital or doctors office, my BP is off the charts EVERY TIME.

You can induce labor lots of ways other than with the regular pit drip (which for me is not advisable either since I over-react to it and would risk uterine introversion) -- such as sex, nipple stimulation and so on. Some women use a breast pump for nipple stimulation to get things going and that is very effective. Obviously, I am not telling you to do your own induction early or anything, but if you're 38 weeks or whatever I'd go for that way before I'd go for "slice me open" - especially if I was already having BP and GD issues.

Maybe you can find another OB that will work with you as a person and help you resolve these issues BEFORE baby even comes. You still have some time to get things under control. Don't let people treat you like a statistic. Do what you feel is best for you and baby and whatever will make YOU feel most comfortable.

In the meantime LOTS OF HUGS!

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I am so sorry that your appt sucked. (hugs)

I get nervous at certain places as well, esp since I've been pregnant. (Haha remember my incident at the dentist back in Nov where I passed out twice getting cavities filled?) I know then my BP was high. Whenever I have gone into the ER I've had to try and relax myself so my BP isn't high.

I agree with PPs as well...are you able to talk to them and see if there's another way then c/s? It really sucks that you're now high risk and your OB doesn't want you to have a VBAC.

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I'm sorry that you had such an upsetting appointment. I agree though that it shouldn't rule out a VBAC. I would talk to the OB about waiting to schedule to see if you can get your BP under control in the meantime. Get a BP checker thing you can use at home. I have one that goes on my wrist and cost less that $20. I would wait until about 38 weeks or so and try alternative methods to start labor, such as those mentioned above and/or castor oil. If you feel as passionate about getting your VBAC as I do about getting mine, that is. The choice should be and is yours. I would also consider possibly changing OB's if yours isn't supportive of you trying every method possible to get your VBAC.

I hope you can find a way to still get your VBAC. KUP on everything.

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Are they recommending a focus on a low sodium/ high water diet? It sounds like you need a spa day.... or 10.

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That sucks, I hope you can get your BP under control.

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Wow, that is what I would call a cluster _____. That is a lot of monitoring. Please take of yourself and your LO.

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Big HUGE hugs!! I am so sorry that you are faced with all of these obstacles. Do you work for a really small company, or could you fall under FMLA? If you can get FMLA, then you can take the 12 weeks afterwards too. I'd hate for your work to have any impact on your health, but I also understand the predicament it puts you in.

Also, it may not be a miracle cure, but it is absolutely worth a shot to read into the Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet. It sounds like your blood pressure may be indicating the start of pre-eclampsia. Dr. Brewer was actually successful in reversing Pre-E in his patients when it was caught early, with DIET ALONE. Read the information closely, and I believe on the left side of the page there is a tab for gestational diabetes as well.

Finally, if you seriously HAVE to be induced because of your medical condition, there is indication that inducing with a low dose of pitocin for a VBAC does not carry too extreme of a risk (I'll see if I can find the studies for you). Essentially they start at half the dose and increase at half the normal increase. More pitocin is not always the answer to effective induction. Sometimes you can be induced just as effectively with less. Especially if your cervix is ripe already. The prostaglandin inductions are what you want to stay away from -- i.e. no cytotec, cervidil, etc. You can also induce with a foley bulb, or rupture of membranes. These are options that are worth asking about. As long as you are not in an absolute emergency situation, you DO have options. Part of those options are to ask for a second opinion too.

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I fall under FMLA, but it only covers 12 weeks per year and that includes any time you're on disability, so as soon as I went out I'd be on the clock for FMLA. Which means it would run out before my disability did at this point if I get pulled early. I can apply for a 2 week personal leave, which would give me 10 weeks with the baby instead of 8, but that has to be approved by HR.

As far as the c-section/VBAC goes, I talked to DH about it, and we both agree that scheduling the c-section is the right move for us. Some of the reasons are pretty selfish including the extra 2 weeks at home with the baby, paid, and being able to line up someone to watch my son, etc. But my instincts from the beginning were that the VBAC was just not going to happen for one reason or another, and instead of setting myself up for further disappointment I'm going to make peace with it early. I do appreciate all the suggestions though.

Ariel- I will check out that website. That's interesting info!

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I am sorry you are going through this. I truly understand how you feel.

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Sad that's quite the appt
Are you a reg high bp person? Esp at dr office? I know some people who just always have higher bp at dr but if it's monitored elsewhere it's fine.
Sounds like you have some good reasons for having the cs but sorry you can't try your vbac

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D, I know you're disappointed and you have every right to be. But I'm still super excited for you to have this little baby. If s/he looks anything like Alex, s/he's going to be adorable. MWAH!