Wow... just did a double take...

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Wow... just did a double take...

Whoops... clicked April 2013 by mistake and saw all kinds of messages about being late, etc.... thought for a second that someone was pregnant again!!! Then I thought, didn't everyone just say that there wasn't much sex happening?? Then I thought I better check which board I was on and then I realized my mistake... Can't imagine being pregnant again. yet....


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Lol! I have actually taken pregnancy tests when I freaked out already. But all negative Smile

Although I am freaking myself out because it's been 3 weeks since my last period (lol sad that I freak out over 3 weeks) and I'm not on anything but we're using condoms Smile I just wish my cycle would go to normal where I don't freak if I get on every 3 days or 4 weeks lol.

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I've totally done that. It's very confusing for a second until you realize you are completely on the wrong board. . . Yeah, I would totally freak out if I was pg again right now.

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