Yeah, it's got a Hemi. . . :( (TMI)

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Yeah, it's got a Hemi. . . :( (TMI)

Anyone else? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I actually developed one hemorrhoid after DD was born. Yup, apparently that can happen and does, and she was a c/s too. Anyway, it never really healed or went away, but it didn't bother me. Now it seems I've developed a second one (at least the last time I got a mirror and checked) and now they are occasionally uncomfortable.

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After I had DD2 I developed some from pushing her out. Ever since then, almost every time I have a BM I develop a least one if not two or three that'll last anywhere from a few hours to a week.

The one time it happened it was so painful I could hardly sit or walk without almost crying.

However, now I use prep H wipes EVERY TIME I go so help with the swelling and it seems to make them last a shorter amount of time. Don't worry, you're not alone.

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Sad I can only imagine the pain/discomfort. I haven't ever had one of those, but I did have a rectal polyp that caused sudden bleeding and emergency surgery, in 2004. I can't tell you how grateful I was to have that behind me, and not have to deal with it every day!

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uggh.... not to worry... you are NOT alone!! I got them while pregnant with DS - and I won't even begin to describe what they were like after pushing him out for over an hour!!

and now they are beginning to make their appearance again - nothing TOO uncomfortable... yet...

(I've heard great things about using vicks vaporub on them? sounds horrendous, but many women swear by it!)

isn't pregnancy grand?? :rolleyes:

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Yes, was dealing with one about 2 weeks ago but things seemed to have calmed down for now. I use those tucks pads right away and often and that seems to help keep things a little more calm when I notice a flare starting.

And yep, totally got them after having a c/s with DS1. Mild case but they were there. Then with DS2 I got them soooo bad. I'm sure 4 hours of pushing didn't help that out. Those took forever to clear. I was bummed to see them this time during pregnancy.

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I had a really bad one my last pregnancy and had to go to the hospital for it. Definitely know your pain. =/ I've heard about the vicks vaporub thing as well. I had a hemorrhoid flare up around the mid-point of this pregnancy and it went away a few weeks later thank goodness.

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Ugh, those are one of my biggest fears. I used tucks pads and witch hazel for the one I got after T was born. Thanks for reminding me of something else to think of while avoiding the urge to TTC!