You want how much of my blood?

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You want how much of my blood?

Today I had my nurse visit. We went over the basics, health history, pregnancy history, etc. Then she talked to me about a study that the local medical university is doing on pregnant women during and after pregnancy. It's basically a nutritional study and they follow up 3 times after delivery regarding weight, etc. So I signed up for that. A bunch of online surveys and a few follow ups and I get paid $140, plus it's a ton of nutritional resources, and it's all moms from my area participating. Why not. Smile

Then I had to go to the lab, which is conveniently next door for my bloodwork. EIGHT vials of blood. Seriously? Did any of you have that much taken? I don't remember that with my son.

Oh- and my OB's office gave me a CD today that I have to bring to any ultrasounds and they will record the heartbeat for me. Yahoo

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That is cool about the study. I would sign up if I could as well.

I think I had about between 6-8 vials taken. So not too uncommon.

That is awesome that they record your U/S for you, wish they offered that here.

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Ah, I must say I have you beat on the blood, ha ha. They took 12 vials from me. I don't even know what all they were for! Well I know what 2 were for. It was when I was spotting and I didn't have recent blood work for this pregnancy (it was from my m/c in April, and they said I didn't need to update it since they were testing for other stuff). Anyway, all the nurses were like "I feel so bad for you" and that no one wanted to take blood from me again ha ha. I had a bruise on my arm for about 2 weeks, but they were impressed they got all that blood from one vein! Oh and these weren't small vials either (but are they ever?)!

But I think that study is real cool! If there was something around here like that I would definitely sign up!

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During my 1st pregnancy my first appt at the lab made me sick to my stomach because they took 9 vials. Of course, it was my first ever anything and had no idea what I was being tested for because they would only say "routine" -- bla bla so i think that's pretty common if you don't pick and choose what you want or don't want testing for.

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I had about that much taken for my first visit. I'm an old pro at having blood draws though - it really doesn't bother me! Blum 3

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I only had 5 vials drawn, but the test sheet was like a mile long. Crazy!!

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I got 5 taken here, and I thought that was a lot. I swear I felt light headed after, but then I've been feeling light headed a lot lately.