Is this your first?

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Is this your first?

How many first time mommies do we have here?

This is my second, but I'm so excited, you'd think it was my first Wink

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This will be our 3rd! I'm just as excited and can't wait to know what we're having!

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This is my 3rd also but terribly excited as well!!

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This is our third. I am nervous with no real reason to be. I think I will relax a bit after we hear the heartbeat but that is still a few weeks away.

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Our 3rd as well Smile wow there is alot of 3rd timers in here.

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Our 3rd as well. I was noticing there are a ton of us having #3.

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Hmmm..... I don't see my OG post. But anyway, we are on baby #2. This will also be our last baby. I am very much so looking forward to completing my little family unit and giving Ethan a baby brother or sister.

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This is our 2nd and last. Every time I gag I have to remind myself to enjoy it, because it's the last time.

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Yes! This is our first. I'm really excited and hopefully this little one will stick!

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This is my second biological one... but never really had the experience of having a first since we already had a baby in the house when I got pregnant the first time. I was so busy taking care of the first baby, I didn't really spend enough time enjoying my first pregnancy. This time even though I have four preschoolers, I think I have learned from the first how special this time is and I am really enjoying it more. Also I think since I have had two losses, I have learned not to take being pregnant and having a healthy baby for granted so that makes it all that much more special.

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This is our second and last too. After this LO is born, DH is getting the snip! We're definitely a two child family Smile

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"Jeffininer" wrote:

This is our second and last too. After this LO is born, DH is getting the snip! We're definitely a two child family Smile

I am trying to persuade DH into it... Smile

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This is our first!! We're very excited, but at the moment we're just trying to keep me satisfied from my constant sickness. :puke2:

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This is my 3rd and definately feels like the third...I need to cherish every moment because it will be my last.

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This is our third, and probably our last as well Smile

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This is our third and might be our last... depending on if it is another rough delivery or not. I LOVE being pregnant, but have had a hard time delivering the first two.

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This is our second, and possibly our last (though I reserve the right to change my mind at any time). I'm very excited too, but I feel so drained all the time.

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third for me, as well Smile

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This is our first! Thankful for all of this knowledge and experience to learn from.

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This is our second together Smile Hopefully we have a girl!! (dh has 4 boys all together) If so we will be done!

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This is our 4th and final, trying to convince hubby about the snip....i seemed to have made some progress this morning will have to wait and see Blum 3

I was a bit taken back as we are only 24, but im slowly coming excited about the idea of a newborn again ...just not overly thrilled yet about the fact we'll have half a football team ;)... I'll get there