youtube video - HILARIOUS

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youtube video - HILARIOUS

There are a few scandalous references, for those who who are sensitive, here's your warning not to watch.

The title is "If you liked it, you shoulda put a thing on it" and she's 38 weeks pregnant. HAHA! OK, so with all that warning being said, I have to say my favorite part is @ 1:25 where the other mama walks by and laughs. Awww man I almost snorted my water earlier!

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Smile That is funny!

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That is hilarious! She can move for being 38 weeks pregnant!

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I saw this last year, but it's so hilarious I had to watch it again!! This oughta show my cruel humor, but I especially like the part where she's talking about his demon seed already being inside her! LOL

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Wow-- I can't even fathom being able to move like that right now! So impressive!

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Okay...I admit...this past week I tried dancing around like I've seen on some pregnant youtube videos...I couldn't do it! Lol I got too out of breath too fast and I was huffing and puffing! Ha ha!

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ROFLMAO!!!! Thank you for that it was AWESOME LOL

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That was funny, and I can't believe all her moves at 38 weeks! Very impressive.

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I LOVE IT! I have no idea how she moves that much!!!!!!! I can't move like that and haven't been for quite a few weeks!

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LOL!!!! That was funny but it makes me hurt just watching it! How in the heck does she move like that at 38 weeks pregnant?!?!?!