Zofran, the wonder drug!!

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Zofran, the wonder drug!!

So my Dr finally prescribed me Zofran since nothing has been helping my extreme all day nausea and vomiting. This stuff works!! For the first time since I was 5 weeks, I was able to eat a full meal!! I had country fried steak, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob and then split a chocolate molten lava cake with ice cream with my husband. He was so happy that I was eating that he let me eat most of it! And here I am at nearly 2 in the morning eating a bag of popcorn! Hopefully this means that I will gain back those 10 pounds that I've lost in the past month and a half! Yay Zofran!!

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Glad you're getting some relief!! On the really bad days, that's been the only thing that's allowed me to function. Fortunately, those days are getting farrer and fewer in between!

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Hooray for the Zofran! Beware, it can cause constipation! I take a stool softener when I take Zofran!

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Yeah, unfortunately, I have heard that it causes constipation, but I think I would rather choose that over what I was going through! Hopefully I wont have to take them too much longer, I'm almost out of the first trimester!

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I too have been on Zofran. It helped me a little, but definately did not eliminate the nausea. I take colace 1 or 2 times a day. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. And let's say a prayer and do a little dance so this goes away in the second trimester Blum 3

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so glad you've found some relief Smile

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I'm glad you got some relief!