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~~~~****April 2012 Spaces****~~~~

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Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP.

Spaces are reserved for sharing...
1. Something brief about yourself
2. Info about your appointments
3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
4. Additional pregnancy tickers
5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

Please read the following before posting!

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

* Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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Woo Hoo, I'm first!!!

I'm Jennifer. Mom to Rylee (3) and wife to Ray (7 years married, 13 years together). I'm 29 and I work full time as the payroll administrator for a conglomerate of insurance companies located across the US. My obsession is photography, so I will probably be over sharing pictures Smile

I tested Sunday, July 24th at 6:30am. Got an amazingly faint BFP! This is our second child. Our DD just turned 3 two weeks ago, so this baby is way over due for our family.

Here's a picture of the BFP.

Digital taken the same day at 4pm

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

August 4th - Nurses appt/blood work
August 29th - First U/S!!
October 14th - 15 weeks - Heard the heartbeat for the first time Smile
November 15th - BIG Ultrasound!! - Rescheduled for November 22nd
November 22nd - It's a BOY!!! Also found out I have a 2lb ovarian cyst
November 30th - Surgery to remove ovarian cyst and right ovary
Non-eventful appts from Dec to March
March 13th - Checked: 3cm dilated 80% effaced - got a quick scan and he's head down!
March 19th - Checked: Still 3cm dilated and 80% effaced

Our annoucment to the world on 8/29/11:
2011-08-29 01




I *think* I felt the first movements on 9/30/11. Small fluttering in my tummy.
Ray felt the first movements on 11/5/11
SAW movement on 11/16/11

Tyler Ray born March 26th at 1:26pm 8lb 9oz 20 inches long



May 28th
2012-05-28 02

2015-05-28 01

July 21

September 7

September 20

Rolled Over Front to Back - June 19th
Rolled Front to Back - June 20th

Check-up Appts:
March 29th - Weight 7 lb 10 oz
March 30th - Weight 7 lb 12.5 oz
April 3rd - Weight 7 lb 12.5 oz
April 5th - Weight 7 lb 13 oz
April 9th - Weight 8 lb 3 oz
April 30th - 9 lb 2 oz
May 31st - Weight 12 lb 9oz!!
July 27th - Weight 15lb 9.5oz (65%) 24in long (20%)
August 28th - Weight 17lb 5.5oz
September 26th - Weight 18lb 2oz (70%) 26.75in long (50%)

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Nicole's Space
Expecting #3 Due April 5, 2012

My BFP's

August 4- sent for blood work
September 12- heard the heartbeat!!!

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

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Expecting Baby #2
EDD April 11th, 2012


11/3/2011: IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

About Us

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Baby #2 Due April 6, 2012

First Appointment: August 19, 2011

Barely found the baby, 133 bpm. Back on August 30th to try again.

August 30th: Measuring right on target. 171 bpm. (eerily it's exactly the same as my first)

September 23rd: 12 week appointment. 153 bpm. up 3 pounds. Everything is looking good.

October 21st: 16 week appointment. 0 weight gain. 154 bpm.

20 weeks:

November 18th: 20 week appointment and ultrasound.

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Megan's Space

Megan's Baby #3 Space

Baby R is due April 18, 2012

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First BFP 9DPO


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Anxiously Awaiting Baby #2!

EDD: April 14th until further notice

First BFP @ 8dpo *Bfp's are in order as follows (from top to bottom): 8 dpo, 9 dpo, 10 dpo am & pm, 11 dpo am & pm, 12 dpo am*

My Family

My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

August 29th 9:30 am EST-First OB Appt *Stats* HB 169;New EDD 4/14/12

**Next Appts**
October 27th @10:00 am *Stats from this appt heartbeat:176 bpm; weight:130*

Big U/S November 21st @ 8:30am
Having a baby BOY!

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BFP on August 4th

Hello All, this is my first post. I am so stinking excited to be expecting my first. I feel quite lucky to have been TTC for a couple months and in our third. It worked like a charm like the old saying. My first appointment is on the 19th. I should be about 6 weeks by then. Just wanted to say hello and tool around the posts for a while Wink

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Hello everyone! We are super excited about #3. This will be our last so I am looking forward to this pregnancy. My due date is April 17, but I expect I will be induced around the first of April. I have never carried full term and I have complicated pregnancies.

Found out its a BOY!!! Woo Hoo We can't wait!!!

So with how easy and wonderful this pregnancy is going I am not sure it will be our last after all!!!!! Smile

My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

First Apt is TODAY Smile

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Expecting #3 on April 30th, 2012

1st BFP on 10DPO Night with FRER
2nd BFP on 15DPO 6pm with a 45minute hold - I really had to go!

Okay, here are my first belly photos with before and after. I was on the six week body makeover and had made some pretty awesome progress so I took a pic of my waist to post on facebook and show it off haha --

The top pic was taken on August 17th - 9 DPO - I got my BFP on the 18th --
The bottom pic was taken just before midnight tonight September 7th - I'm 6weeks 2 days

Pregnancy progression pics


1st Appointment October 6th @ 3pm
~ Everything looked great, found the heart beat ranging in the high 160's low 170's Smile
2nd Appointment November 3rd @ 3pm
~ Still looking good, BP normal, heart rate was nice and strong averaging in the 160's Smile
3rd Appointment December 1st @ 3pm
~ All good

28 Weeks Blood Work Results were ALL GOOD! YAY

Appointment March 14th
~ Lovely boring appointment. Baby measuring in at 35 weeks now. HR around 156


Next appointment March 28th @ 3pm

~ Uneventful appointment, everything looked great Smile

Next appointment @ 36 Weeks: April 4th

~ 3cm's dilated 50% effaced!!!! BP at home was great 105/68 Baby still in the 150's

Cervix check again on the 6th @ 5cm's dilated! YAY Getting closer!!!

Next appointment Friday the 13th! Think I'll make it? HAHAHAHA

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Daria's Space!

BFP- 8/16/11

First Ultrasound Pic

First Appointment- 8/26/11
Nurse Appointment- 9/6/11
Ultrasound and Doctor Appt- 9/16/11 !!!!! Yahoo
12 week Doctor's Appointment- 10/18/11
20 Week Ultrasound- 12/5/11

Official EDD- 4/22/12

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Marta's Space

Cautiously expecting #4 on April 24th 2012 Yahoo

My BFP progression from 10DPO to 15DPO


September 21st - Ultrasound

9 weeks

August 30th. Hoping to see a heartbeat.


September 21st - Ultrasound
October 17th - NT scan 1.8mm everything ok
November 11th - Gender Ultrasound

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Ariel's Space

BFP on 8/27/11 and Expecting #3 approximately April 21, 2012 Smile

Spotting 9/3/11-9/5/11 and again on 9/8/11-9/11/11, so we went for HCG levels and a viability u/s:

HCG on 9/6/11 was 70,000 and on 9/8/11 was 77,000!!

Belly Pics

September 6, 2011: B/P was 128/80. Pregnancy was confirmed and u/s showed gestational age of 6w5d with an official EDD of 4/26/12. H/R was 136.
September 28, 2011 at 1:45 pm: First prenatal appointment
November 21, 2011 at 9:15 am: Cancelled, somebody was in labor.
November 28, 2011: IT'S A GIRL
January 23, 2012: Gestational diabetes screening

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Amanda's space :-)

Due date 4/4/2012 Hoping for a boy, since I've already had two girls, but my husband had a son with his first wife. He is quietly hoping for a girl, I am pretty sure. That's just too much estrogen hitting puberty at one time, in my opinion. Also, no male in his family has fathered a girl since the 1950's, so I think my chances are pretty good. Smile I have had a boy name picked out since my first pregnancy, and I told my husband while we were dating, using my name choice was a stipulation to possibly making babies with me. HAHA! Both of my girls were also C-section, without a trial of labor, and for reasons that will always bother me. REALLY hoping for a VBAC! I am living in a new area, so all new doctors, but my clinic has 4 midwives and 4 MDs.. I like what that alone tells me about their philosophy. Smile

8/22 ultrasound, just before 8 weeks

My first real OB appointment is 9/13, and I am excited Smile

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Anna's Space!

Okay. I'm finally sticking my flag in a space!!

This is my second pregnancy. DD, Lyla, was born 10/6/10 and she took 2.5 years to conceive. We are surprised and ecstatic that it didn't take nearly as long this time! I had a c/s with DD due to breech presentation and am hoping for a VBAC baby this time!

Belly Pics:

U/S pics:



Appt. Info:
8/31/11 - First appointment. U/S confirmed my suspicion that I was a smidge over 8 weeks. Official EDD is April 6, 2011 (Good Friday)!
9/26/11 - I forgot my appointment!! Called and they got me for Thursday 9/29.
9/29/11 - Great appointment. All my initial bloodwork was normal. Easter Egg is growing and doing great!
11/7/11 -Great appointment again! Heard the good strong heartbeat!! Got my appointment for the biggy!!
11/15/11 - The BIG u/s! It's a BOY!!! We are just thrilled!!
12/8/11 - Great appointment, everything was great. Gained 7lbs. EEK!
1/12/12 - Did my glucose test, got my Rhogam shot. Everything was great with the baby. OB did check to see if I was leaking fluid, but all was good! I go every two weeks now!
1/26/12 - Everything is perfect! Passed all my tests from last time. Had a long talk with my OB about the birth and he's completely on board with all my wants!! YAY!
2/9/12 - Great appointment. Everything was perfect. OB happily signed my birth plan.
2/27/12 - Appointment went well. Dad's been in the hospital ICU in critical care.
*Dad passed away 3/4/12*
3/13/12 - Good appointment. Everything is right on target. On to weekly appointments now.
3/20/12 - Another good one. GBS is negative and baby is head down!! OB wanted to check me, but I declined. Maybe next week.
3/27/12 -

Tickers and extras:

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Hey Hey all!! I'm Jenn currently expecting #5 due April 11, 2012. Im a mother of 4 , jalilah 5, jabril 3, jameela 1, jazeera 6 months. Yes I got pregnant surpised.... I'm happy I love my children. Im ruiting for a boy becase I am totally outnumberd with girls lol. My son is a lonely boy who needs a brother. But if it goes either way I'm perfectly fine.


Make a pregnancy ticker

Had U/S again 1-20-12...........................................
.......................Its A Girl.......
so We are gonna be totally outnumbered by girls ...!!!!!

Well is April 9 2012 and I'm still pregnant.... Hopefully i'll deliver before my daughters 1st birthday on april 17th... keep everyone posted!!!

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Kasey's Space

DH and I are high school sweethearts, we started dating in February 1997. I have been in love with the boy since the tender age of 16!! Biggrin We have 2 boys Aidan Connor (10/10/08 ) and Gavin Benjamin (2/24/10). DS1 was conceived during a TTC break, as I was planning a mission trip out of the country. DS2 was a COMPLETE OOPS! They are the sweetest, most loving little boys ever and I couldn't imagine life without them and we are super excited about adding a third blessing to the mix! We were actually TTC this time, 1st cycle was a charm! I feel very blessed by that! We (I) are really hoping for a girl this time, but will love another little guy just the same! Looking forward to this journey with all of you other lovely Mommies! HH9M to us all!


Friday, August 26th- Beta-52; Progesterone-13.1
Wednesday, August 31st- Beta-471; Progesterone-12.5 Yahoo
Friday, September 23rd-First appointment and ultrasound at 8 weeks.
9/23 appt update - We got our first peek at our wee little babe today and its measurements were right on target at 8 weeks exactly, for an official EDD of May 4th but we are looking at a delivery date of April 25th due to repeat c-section. He wants to look at baby again on u/s in 2 weeks just to make sure everything is going well and we get past that critical 10 week point. He also said that at our appt. in 2 weeks, when I schedule my next appt. for 4 weeks later that he would do another u/s and would probably be able to tell us the gender!!!! I. LOVE.THAT.MAN!! Yahoo
Thursday, October 6-10 week u/s just to get another sneak peek at baby and make sure all is well. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my doctor?!?!

Coming soon!!


September 7, 2011- 5 weeks 5 days and still not much nausea to speak of. The only time I get nauseated is when I get really hungry. Wondering if I am going to get lucky this time or am I going to get hit by MS train in a day or two??

 BabyFruit Ticker

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Samantha's Space

Hello all I do not have a picture of my BFP because I found out I was pregnant via a regular well woman exam. However, I will post an updated u/s picture of the twins on tomorrow after my 12 week appointment. :preggo:

10 Week U/S

Twin Girls

September 27, 2011 - Doctor informed me I was pregnant
October 4, 2011 - U/S and Comfirmed Twin Pregnancy
October 10, 2011 - Called for Lab Results (Not Good)
October 21, 2011 - Regular Appointment
October 22, 2011 - Rushed to ER for Bleeding
October 25, 2011 - Emergency Cerclauge Placed
October 31, 2011 - Confirmed Bedrest
November 18, 2011 - Regular Appointment
December 2, 2011 - Regular Appointment
December 7, 2011 - Contractions Placed on Hydroxy Pergesterone
December 16, 2011 - Regular Appointment
December 20-23, 2011 - Hospitalized for Seizure due to low iron and blood pressure
December 30, 2011 - Regular Appointment

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My Space ~ 3KiwiKids ... gosh I need to get that changed

Hi everyone. I'm Esther, currently expecting a surprise #6

I've naturally delivered at:

* 38wks 1 day: twin boys (one by ventouse extraction and the other breech) having had an epidural. They were 5lb and 5lb 8oz.
* 40wks 3days: singleton boy. He was 9lb 1oz. Had gas and a half dose of pethidine.
* 40wks 2days: singleton boy. He was 8lb. No pain relief.
* 39wks 4days: singleton girl. She was 7lb 1oz. Again, no pain relief.

I also have 2 angels. February '04 and May '11


8 weeks 2 days

12 weeks 2 days

20 weeks 2 days

Belly pics

22 weeks & 29 weeks

35 weeks & 39 weeks


9 August - 1030hrs - Midwife

30 August - 0930hrs - Midwife

4 October - 1000hrs - Midwife ~ 14 weeks 2 days.
BP 110/66, weight 75kg. FHR 154 bpm.

1 November - 1215hrs - Midwife ~ 18 weeks 1 day.
Fundus 19wks, BP 120/70, weight 78kg. FHR 146 bpm.

15 November - Anatomy Ultrasound

29 November - 0930hrs - Midwife ~ 22 weeks 2 days.
BP 120/60, weight 80kg. FHR 160 bmp.

28 December - 1300hrs - Midwife ~ 26 weeks 3 days.
Breech L position, fundus 28.5wks, BP 120/60, weight 82kg. FHR 155 bmp.

29 December - 2hr GTT (passed :D)

19 January - 1330hrs - Midwife ~ 29 weeks 4 days.
Breech R position, fundus 31.5wks, BP 120/60, weight 83kg. FHR 132 bpm.

7 February - 1130hrs - Midwife ~ 32 weeks 2 days.
LOA position, fundus 33wks, BP 130/60, weight 84.5kg. FHR 130 bpm.

21 February - 1100hrs - Midwife ~ 34 weeks 2 days.
Engaged, LOP position, fundus 36.5wks, BP 110/64, weight 85kg. FHR 143 bpm.

6 March - 1130hrs - Midwife ~ 36 weeks 2 days.
Engaged, LOP position, fundus 37wks, BP 120/60, weight 86kg. FHR 135 bpm

20 March - 1100hrs - Midwife ~ 38 weeks 2 days.
Engaged, ROA position, fundus 39wks, BP 120/64, weight 87kg. FHR 136 bpm

27 March - 0930hrs - Midwife ~ 39 weeks 2 days.
Engaged, ROL position, fundus 40.5wks, BP 130/66, weight 88kg. FHR 145 bpm
Unplanned stretch & sweep done due to date discrepancies and age.

29 March - 1400hrs - Midwife ~ 39 weeks 4 days.
Stretch & sweep

Coming up:

Home visits as scheduled

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Got my BFP on 8/25 Smile


My name is Angel, Im 26 years old!! I am the youngest of 5 kids. I was diagnosed with PCOS officially in 2004 after my first m/c. My journey to motherhood has been a struggle but i think that helps me appreciate little things people tend to not enjoy while pregnant. I met my husband in 2007. We were introduced by my brother and werent supposed to be more than "just friends" We welcomed our first child together 10-29-09. Ive been apart of Pregnanct.org since July 2003 on and off. My November 09 mommies are a great bunch of ladies and i hope to form more friendships. I will up date this as we go!!

Aug 26: had blood work done beta at 889 and u/s showing almost nothing. Im about 3 weeks. Go back Weds for 2nd us

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Doing this a little late!

Little Boy Jaxon due April 19th!

Mommy and Daddy