1 month update

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1 month update

Wowza this first month has went by way too fast!! Wade turned a month old yesterday and honestly I didnt think it would get to me as much as it did.. Since he is our last baby I really want to enjoy his baby time as much as possible but its already flying by. He has been my calmest babe so far. He hardly ever cries and when he does its not very loud at all. Hes growing like a weed as well. Right now hes in size 2 diapers and is almost into his size 3-6 clothing. When I weighed him last Friday he was 11.8lbs so hes probably over 12 by now. He has started to lose some of his hair Sad but I expected it. Nursing is going great aside from him having thrush at the moment. We have an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at and to make sure it doesnt spread to mommy. After dealing with mastitis already, I really dont want to deal with thrush also. As for me, im doing pretty good. I have to say this has been my easiest csection recovery so far! Im currently 5 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight and hope that once my dr releases me and I can start working towards losing more! I think thats about it for us. Ill share some pics now from this last week that I took of my lil chunker.

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Oh my goodness, he is too cute! So glad he is so calm! Enjoy every minute momma!

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Joy, he's so handsome! I'm glad things are going so well for you.

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What a sweet little face! :love10: I'm so glad things are going well other than the thrush issue.. He IS such a chunker! But he rocks it so well. Smile TFS the pics!!

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He is so cute!

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Such a cute ill chunker!!!! His cheeks make me smile!!! I am constantly munching on Rylees big ole cheeks!

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What a great last baby huh? He is so chubby! My babies are never chubby so I think chubby babies are adorable!!!