12 week? appointment... twins or a huge baby ?

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12 week? appointment... twins or a huge baby ?

Sorry I've been mia. We've had computer problems and its a pain to post on my phone but here I am anyway so excuse the typos.
Had my first midwife appt on Tuesday and it went great although there is some question about how far along I am and if there are... twins?!
First of all when I got blood work done at 3.5 weeks my hcg was spot on but when I had spotting at 6ish weeks my levels were very hihh for that time. I also got a positive test at 11dpo with a dollar store cheapie and I *think* I've been feeling the baby some Already. Then when she looked for the heartbeat on the doppler she immediately found it and I remember going in at 14 weeks and she had to search around for a bit. Soooo... not sure. I asked about twins but she said it wouldn't be any easier to find the heartbeat then. And my dates are pretty accurate so I dunno...
I guess we'll see. I know the 20 week scan won't be super accurate but it I were a month off it would tell me. I'm just a little confused by it all but of course my midwife wasn't worried
She's awesome btw!
Any thoughts?

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Glad you had a great appointment! So she thinks its twins because of the high hcg? Or what exactly makes her think its twins? And I'm guessing she's thinking you are further along than you should be or does she think that you are behind? Does your midwife not do a dating ultrasound? That would sure clear things up.

This is my first pregnancy, so I'm learning as I go here, but I got a bfp at 9dpo on an internet cheapie. And I found the heartbeat at 10 weeks with my doppler at home. So you might be right on schedule. It would be awesome if you were having twins though! Do they run in the family?

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Whoa, sounds like an amazing appt!! I don't know what to say :confused: maybe it is twins!! How exciting!!!!! I got very early BFP's too and my RE thought it could have been twins as well. I'm surprised they didn't do a US just to make sure....

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well I don't think she really thinks it's twins.. That was my idea.. I think she thinks I'm further along. But if you guys have also had early big fat positives and heartbeats then maybe it's just a fluke. And no twins do not run in my family. I'm sure the reason she didn't order an ultrasound is because they're pretty non invasive there and any extra ultrasound would cost me extra money. Plus I think at 12 weeks it's probably even less accurate to date so there's probably no point to do it now. w I'm just guessing though. And they don't have machines there so unless you aren't sure of your dates they only order the 20 week one.

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Sounds like a great appointment! Smile

I started feeling movement with this one (I'm pretty sure) right around 13 weeks, so I do think it's possible that you are feeling him or her already. Also, I was able to find the hb on my home doppler around 10 weeks as well, so I think that's entirely possible too.

Either way, sounds like things are going perfectly! 20 weeks will be here before you know it!

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My doc heard the HB right on schedule at 12 weeks on the dot - we spent less than 30 seconds looking for it. I also swear I've started to feel flutters in the past week.

You are a stronger woman than me - I'd be asking for an ultrasound. Smile

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Lurker :lurk:

I always find the cheapie tests come out + before the rest. My BFP was at 9DPO with a dollar store test (and an internet cheapie).
As for the HB and movement, My OB easily found the HB at 11 weeks with the doppler and I felt definite movement at 12 weeks.

Unless you are measuring larger than expected (your uterus tends to be a few weeks ahead with twins) I wouldn't suspect twins. Odds are you will be right on track with your 20 week u/s Smile

Good luck and congrats!

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Will they do any early ultrasound for you? I had no idea I was having twins until my ultrasound at 21 weeks - I'm sure it would be nice to know sooner! I didn't have high HCG levels - my only clue was I started showing at 9 weeks (I just thought it was because it was baby #2!)

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Ok I feel better now. I really don't think it's twins - I'm not really that huge right now, about what I expected for third baby and since a lot of you have had the same things happen to you, I'm sure it's fine.
I usually measure smaller after about 30 weeks so I think if I measure bigger at all it would be cause for "concern."