13 week appointment

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13 week appointment

Had another appointment today. It was pretty boring, which was good. Today they did all the blood tests, gave me a flu shot, pelvic exam and STD swabs. The best part of course was listening to the heartbeat, which was a strong 164!

She wants me to gain 3 pounds before my next visit because I've lost weight since my last appointment. It's crazy because I eat so much. Today I had cereal for breakfast. 25 baby carrots (I ate the whole package) for my morning snack, a donut for my 3rd breakfast and a fried chicken sandwich for lunch. You'd think eating like that, I'd be putting on the pounds. I'm actually throwing up less frequently than I was at my last appointment, so I don't know whats up. Baby is stealing all my calories I guess.

All in all everything looked good. I go in for the gender scan at 20 weeks which is the first week of December.

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I love great boring visits! They are reassuring... nothing wrong, good hb, etc. That is weird that you are loosing weight but all of our bodies react differently to pgcy. I have gained so far about 4 lbs & that is great considering how much I have been ill. Gosh, I think I gained 12 pounds alone in my boobs :eeks: 6lbs each maybe! That is the annoying part... for some reason dh loves when I am pg from the minute we get the + he is all over me. Then he loves the results of the + (in my chest that is Wink ) But, I am so sick and so sore in my chest that ALL is off limits. LOL

Ok... sorry I definately went off on a tangent there. LOL

I am very happy for you that everything looked great! I am sure you will be gaining soon with that happy healthy lil one growing inside... Wink

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Elizabeth - LMAO about your "3rd" breakfast. Hahahaha. I work in a grocery store, you'd think it'd be easy to grab something to eat. But it seems like everything I can eat on-the-go is crap. Like chips or cookies or crackers. I'm still down 16 lbs from when I first got preg and threw up every 5 minutes. Doc said my weight looked good BUT I needed to eat more.

And about the boobs - my DH said when we FIRST started dating that he didn't like big boobs. I was already a DD and was real hesitant about letting him see me in something other than a bulky sweatshirt. So, it's been 2 1/2 years and my boobies are getting biiiiiigger and biiiiiigger and I keep thinking about that comment he made years ago. He swears he was talking about like...GGGGGGG's, but.. still bothers me.

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Boring is always good!!! I'm glad eveything looks great!!! Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment! Boring is good at this stage. Smile I laughed about "third breakfast." I have been starving lately too, but I have been too scared to weigh myself...LMAO! Anyway, Yahoo for a great easy appt.

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Yay for a "boring" and good appt! We're just a few days apart. Really hoping they'll try to do a gender scan for us right at Thanksgiving so we can tell everyone then but I think it'll be too early.

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Woohoo for a great HB! Smile Boring appts are always great! I just hate driving an hour away for literally a 5 minute appt! lol

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Boring is good, but still boring! I was glad when my midwife pushed me appt off till 5 weeks, but now after being sick, I'd love to get in there and hear that heartbeat.